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Message: Anal Only Since Doing Exclusively Anal Porn

Anna: Hello! During the COVID years, I was a student, and like many others, I started an OnlyFans. It worked well beyond my expectations, so I offered to do requests, and most of them were anal. I noticed that my anal videos worked much better than others, so I quickly specialized in anal videos.

When COVID restrictions were lifted, I contacted porn studios, and most of the offers I got were 90% anal at least. Since I was already specialized, to keep my fan base happy, I took the ones that were anal only.

I have a boyfriend, with whom I was already in couple before I did my OnlyFans. He knows about my activity and doesn’t mind, it was then strictly separated: my OnlyFans was 100% anal, but sex with my boyfriend was vanilla vaginal sex, and he didn’t watch my videos, which was perfect for me. I was nervous his attitude would change when I shot with other actors, though, since my boyfriend was eager to watch those videos: wouldn’t he become jealous?

It turns out my porn studio experience went all right, but from the moment he watched those videos, my boyfriend only took me anally. It started right after my first video: he completely ignored my pussy, our sex went 100% anal even orally (he licks my asshole and I do ass to mouth, like in my movies). He watches all my videos, and an actor even told me my boyfriend chatted with him through Twitter, and that my boyfriend is a nice, friendly guy and I’m lucky to have him.

I didn’t expect this at all, my boyfriend never showed any interest in anal previously. Not only that, but our sexual activity greatly increased, which is a lot of anal action for me. It’s not what I have planned at all, but I don’t see how I could refuse to my boyfriend what I give to strangers for money, I’m already relieved that he isn’t jealous and I haven’t lost him, I genuinely love him.

So, I’m a bit lost. I realize I went into anal because men around me like anal, but now it has taken my entire life, it’s been a year and a half now that I only had anal sex both professionally and personally. My boyfriend even gifted me an anal princess plug for my birthday two months ago, and I feel like I have to wear it really often so he doesn’t feel rejected, he even puts it back on after we had sex. What is it with men and anal sex?

Is this something that actually bothers you or do you just wonder why it has happened? I’d encourage viewing it as a positive: it has benefited your career as well as your sex life and resulted in a lot more sex and intimacy between you and your boyfriend, and he clearly loves it and loves you, as do your fans.

The reality is that most men prefer anal, not vaginal, and once they know that they can do anal instead of vaginal that’s going to be the majority if not all of what they want. And anal only girls are one of the biggest turn ons for guys, there’s just something so special and naughty about a girl who chooses to only have sex in the ass and not use her pussy, and men cherish that.

Embrace the anal only lifestyle and don’t worry about your pussy anymore, you can clearly have a far more successful and enjoyable sex life with just your ass and mouth and your fans and boyfriend all love it.

Guest Post: My Anal Only Bucket List

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Serve Anal Only Clients as a Sex Worker

As a sex worker, my job is primarily to cater to the fantasies of my clients. I have little control over what those are and most of the time, they already know what they want when they approach me to book an appointment.

That said, some of my clients certainly do have anal sex fetishes. And that’s fantastic! Needless to say, they are automatically bumped to the top of my list.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a large enough group of clients with an anal fetish to exclusively offer services to them while still being able to fully support myself financially.

That part is something I could probably overcome with enough time and patience. It wouldn’t be impossible to slowly build a list of steady clients who love anal sex.

But the bigger problem with that is the majority of those clients I have with an anal fetish also seem to expect vaginal sex as well. I only have two reliable clients who are truly anal only.

Alas, it would be the ultimate accomplishment if I were able to pull this off!

Have 100% Anal Only Orgasms

While each woman is different, I know I can’t be the only one who struggles to master the art of the 100% anal only orgasm.

While there is absolutely no doubt that anal sex feels far superior to vaginal in terms of pleasure, neither type of penetration has ever resulted in orgasms for me.

I have arrived at the conclusion that the pleasure I feel from anal is more intense and far preferable to any orgasms I could have by stimulating my clit.”


Which is actually kind of okay, I have come to realize over time.

I know some women who are anal only still include clitoral stimulation in their sex lives in order to climax, and there is nothing wrong with going that route at all!

But I happen to be in the no clit stimulation camp, which may simply mean I end up not experiencing orgasms at all.

While this might not be acceptable to all women, I have arrived at the conclusion that the pleasure I feel from anal is more intense and far preferable to any orgasms I could have by stimulating my clit.

Get My Boyfriend to Commit to Anal Only

Don’t misunderstand me here, my boyfriend loves anal sex as much as I do!

In fact, according to him, it was when I told him to put it in my ass during our very first hookup that he claims was the moment he knew he wanted to marry me someday.

All jokes aside though, we are both all about it. But to be honest, I have not brought up the idea of being strictly anal with him yet. Granted, we have only been together about six months so far.

It’s not that I’m worried he will react in a negative way, but I want to be sure that he understands where I’m coming from fully before I broach the subject.

I guess it’s just got to be the right time and setting and I need to be totally confident in how I communicate the idea to him.

I don’t imagine it will be much longer before I bring it up, so wish me luck!

Get a Vaginal Chastity Piercing

I first found out about this type of body art several years ago when I stumbled upon a couple of Tumblr blogs featuring photos of all the variations available.

While I had heard of clit piercings, I had no idea about chastity piercings or how many different styles were possible.

While imagining myself in the chair about to be pierced makes me wince a good deal at the pain involved, the main reason I haven’t taken the leap yet is that I’m pretty shy about this sort of thing with strangers.

I’m not the type of gal who would just walk into a body piercing parlor and walk right up to the desk and ask if vaginal chastity piercings are a thing they offer. I’m just not comfortable with that situation.

Personally, I’d need to do enough research privately beforehand or get a recommendation from someone I know in real life before approaching any place where I could get something like this done.

But once I have a trusted recommendation, I think I would like to get one.

Of course, this list is just the tip of the iceberg for me.

Ideally, I’d like to publish more about my love for anal sex and help to promote its acceptance as a healthy and desirable way of life to help others discover better sex sooner in life than I did!

My hope is that I can make some small contribution to normalizing the lifestyle on a greater societal level.