Message: Why Anal Only?

Samantha: I recently heard of “anal only”. I find sexual psychology very interesting and I was browsing around trying to understand why anyone on planet earth would ever want to have anal sex, especially anal only. what goes through someone’s mind when they decide to use the anus for sex?

Thanks for the question! The anus contains a high concentration of nerve endings that feel really good when stimulated, the sensation of being filled is greater with anal, and it’s possible to orgasm easily from penetration alone without clitoral stimulation from anal. It’s also natural birth control, which is a great advantage!

For men, it’s tighter, it’s not self lubricating so there isn’t an issue with loss of sensation like happens often with vaginal, it’s got more of a grippy feeling, and it has a greater feeling of intimacy and being primally and naturally the right thing to be doing.

It’s also just sexy to reject the reproductive-centric norm of vaginal sex and replace it with pure anal.

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One response to “Message: Why Anal Only?”

  1. Chris says:

    From the tone, I get the feeling it wasn’t a serious question. Some people are so close-minded that they won’t even try. If they did then they’d know that anal-only couples are some of the happiest.

    I’d ask Samantha what goes through someone’s mind when they use the vagina for sex? Are they wanting to get pregnant? Because there is no other reason for it.

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