Reddit: Positive Reception of Anal Only Lifestyle

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma and a lot of prejudice related to anal and people who choose to make it a part of their lifestyle or those who simply prefer it over other types of intercourse. On this sub we have seen a lot of posts from people who have had a bad experience sharing their desires and choices with others.

This post is different though, I want to share some positive situations, and hear your stories too.

Starting off with a simple one but very important for me. I once met a guy, we went on a few dates and eventually things started getting closer to the bedroom. I decided it would be better to just say upfront that I am AO. I expected the worst, but he was very mature and respectful about it. He wasn’t into anal at all, he didn’t even want to try it but at the same time he made me feel accepted. He didn’t try to force or preasure me into doing something I didn’t want, he didn’t mock me or anything, we just had different desires and it was comepletely ok. We still talk from time to time.

Another one happened between me and a female work colegue. She dropped by at my house to collect some documents. I wasn’t prepared for it she called me like 2min before knocking on my door. I asked her to come inside, and from the hallway she could see my kitchen. There was a towel with four freshly cleaned, butt plugs drying out right on my kitchen table. I live alone and hardly ever have unexpected guests so I completely forgot about it. You can imagine how embarrased I was when she noticed it. Fortunately, she just laughed it off and said that she also like it up her butt from time to time. We occasionaly have joke about it but it’s light hearted and we also had few chill conversations about anal where we shared our experiences.

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