Message: Anal Only as Bisexual Woman

Anonymous: Hi! I am curious about combining the anal only lifestyle with being a bisexual woman. If a woman never touches her pussy nor lets it be touched when she is having sex with men, would the same apply to women? Otherwise, what sort of sexual activity would be recommended among women who want to keep the anal only lifestyle?

Ultimately it’s up to you, of course. Some anal only women allow non-penetrative vaginal/clitoral play but exclude vaginal for intercourse. Some are more strict. If you don’t touch your pussy and don’t want it to be touched, however, then I would say the same should go with female partners. Just do rimming, anal fingering, plugging and anal dildo play together and keep things purely anal only!

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One response to “Message: Anal Only as Bisexual Woman”

  1. Stephen says:

    I realize it is not strictly anal only but a bisexual could do pussy licking exclusively with women and only do anal sex and felatio with men. Perhaps, she could have analingus with both. This way female partners would have a more gentle role and men would be seen as living butt plugs that exist to mount female ass for the mutual pleasure of tight butthole expansion. Tongue would be for pussy and penis would be for ass. This would be a strong sexual division of labor in relationships.

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