Month: February 2022

Reddit: Anal Only For My Boyfriend’s Best Friend

My boyfriend (21M) and I (21F) have been in a cuckold relationship for almost two years. I love vagina sex but my vagina couldn’t take big stuff. My boyfriend isn’t really into anal sex which I don’t mind as he has an average thin cock of about 4 inch. His best friend (22M) introduced me to anal sex (with clit stimulation) which made me love it more than vagina sex. I can take his whole 7 inch cock without any pain at all unlike my vagina. The only reason why I still have vagina sex with him is simply because I have a thing with creampie (anal creampie doesn’t feel the same way). I just found out about this subreddit and it makes me wonder if I should go this route with my bull. I could stop taking birth control if we only have anal sex(Am I right?). My boyfriend is submissive to me so I could tell him to start wearing condom if he wants to have vagina sex with me.

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Go Anal Only This Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, make it extra special and ask your partner to commit to trying the anal only lifestyle together.

Now, if they’re completely new to anal, you won’t want to dive right into anal sex, but gradual (and consensual!) introduction of anal play into your sex life with a long term goal of shifting towards anal only. If you both already enjoy anal regularly, asking to try going straight to anal only may be appropriate.

It doesn’t have to be a long term commitment just yet—try it for a month and see how things go! Most people who make it through a month of anal only choose to stay that way long term and rarely want to go back to vaginal.