Message: Anal From Girlfriend

Bob: Hi we’re a MF couple with myself a Bisexual Hetero Relationship and my gf is a Bisexual.

We have discussed my interest in being pegged and she’s happy to try it out, but she doesn’t know that I have been doing anal masturbation for a few years and able to fist myself or take big toys.

I know truthfulness / trust is important for a relationship but I’m anxious that she may freak out as she doesn’t do anal herself and more on the vanilla side to sex.

And so I was wondering if I should keep it all a secret and start small, so that we can both enjoy training my hole.

She already knows that you want to be pegged, so you could open up about the fact that you already play with your ass on your own and want to include her in it as well. You don’t need to say everything all at once or how experienced you are with anal play—not necessarily keeping it secret, just easing into it over time with her. If she wants to talk about it more and asks you, tell her, otherwise let her discover your interest in it gradually as you start exploring.

Or, if she proves very receptive to the idea and enjoys exploring it with you, open up more quickly about it and tell her all about your interests in anal play.

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