Message: The Biological Origins of Anal Only

Anonymous: Hi, this web inspired me, and I thought about anal sex nature some time.

Can we consider prehistoric rectum (that consisted of reproductive and digestive way) cloaca as ancestor of anus? It had 99% match with anus, if we don’t count inner reproductive ways of course.

From anthropogenesis we know, that vagina was divided from this opening and evolved in single hole for making kids. When itself vagina was created, those animal ancestors didn’t promptly stopped using old way, instinct was still here. People also really never stopped. So it happened that during this long time both holes were developing separately. Vagina was used for big need in fast increasing of population, and never got qualities of anus (that are described on the blog), which received best properties for love making.

To proof that, we can see many species of mammals are often using other hole, even more primitive ones. Also we can see that unused parts or their features, like male nipples, did not disappear, while that ass was used, and very frequently.

This can be answer to why anal sex is more more pleasant and better adapted for recreational sex, and why vagina seems not right hole in comparison with anus for some people.

A very interesting hypothesis that makes a lot of sense and would explain why anal sex has so much more appeal and pleasure than vaginal even still after all this time!

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3 responses to “Message: The Biological Origins of Anal Only”

  1. LuvMyWifesAss says:

    What a great point. I never thought about the fact the vagina evolved from the cloaca (effectively the rectum). This means the rectum was a sex organ millennia before the vagina even existed. Surely, over that time it became more highly evolved for the purpose of penetrative sex. This is evidenced by the thicker, stronger muscle bands of the sphincters and the ability of the rectal valves to be pushed down over the head of the penis, providing more stimulation than the vagina, resulting in a larger ejaculate load. As well, the more absorptive properties of the colon, which allows the recipient to benefit from the compounds in ejaculate, separate from reproduction. The rectal valves and tight sphincter muscles help retain the ejaculate, allowing maximum absorption.

    The vagina evolved to provide the ability to stretch, allowing delivery of a fully formed baby. The elastic muscles of the vagina lack the ability to grip and stimulate the penetrating organ the way the anus does. The thick walls of the vagina have far fewer nerve endings than the nerve rich anus. This is why women who practice anal sex have much higher rate of orgasm. The thicker vaginal walls also means it has much less ability to be manipulated by the receiver to stimulate the penetrative organ, producing less ejaculate load. For the purpose of reproduction, however, less ejaculate is required.

    It seems clear that the vagina evolved to be a reproductive organ, suited for the purpose of delivering a baby. Whereas, the rectum evolved for the purpose of non-reproductive sex, leading to greater intimacy and bonding. This has been practiced and proven true in the most advanced societies of the past (the Greeks, the Romans, etc). It’s unfortunate that, in modern times, societies have shunned anal sex as something dirty or unnatural, usually due to religious teachings that have little basis in the texts in which they are supposedly based.

  2. Ryan says:

    I agree with what you wrote LuvMyWifesAss. It (strongly) seems like evolution made the anal canal as a non-reproductive sexual pleasure hole whereas the vagina was made for sperm implantation and birth. Since I was young I was never attracted to vaginas. Only asses and buttholes made me rock hard. I have so many “perverted” thoughts with ass sex. Gaping it, pissing in it, cumming in it…on and on. Honestly felt bad about it for some time, but couldn’t get over how amazing buttsex is. What I realized over time is that it’s not perverted, it’s all natural.

    Everything I love about anal sex is directly supported with evolutional progress. Why am I extremely horny and turned on with a tight sphincter at my base of my cock and her assguts sheathing my entire cock? Her vagina can’t take my entire length and girth and her asshole swallows me up like it’s not big fucking deal. Did it take time to get there? Yes, but her ass is truly made for my cock. Day after day, fuck after fuck…why I am not tired of fucking her asshole?

    When people say anal is painful therefore not a natural hole, I challenge them to think differently. Generally speaking, whatever stimulates a cock and gets the man off is the primary requirement. Later on female pleasure will follow. Notice how women grow addicted to anal not the first time, but the 10th or 50th. Often the women I have intense anal sessions with will admit it’s mostly mental pleasure of being full and giving me pleasure. There’s even a whole genre of porn called painal where women enjoy giving up their assholes – even if it’s painful – for men to use and abuse for their pleasure through cock.

    Even thinking of blowjobs. Which I have a greater preference for over anal. Her mouth and throat just happens to accommodate my cock? Her tongue and lips and spit are all natural ways over time that evolved to provide cocks pleasure. That’s evolution making my cock compatible with her mouth and throat. Otherwise, why would it feel so good? How is she able to suck me off for hours and my cock still wanting more?

    All of this is possible because of evolution. Molding a woman’s shit canal to accept cocks for eventual sexual pleasure.

  3. Stephen says:

    The politically incorrect evolutionary psychologist Edward Dutton has stated that felatio is biologically sound because it helps couples, particularly the bodies of women, get used to each other’s bacterial composition. I immediately realized that anal sex serves this exact purpose far more efficiently. The colon absorbs the proteins and the new gut bacteria joins the lady host’s system after the pleasant encounter. Likewise, the man gets to experience his lover’s bacterial composition in the most thorough fashion designed by nature.

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