Article: The Tea on Anal

Sex is very confusing, but there’s one thing I’ve always been certain of: for some reason, straight men are obsessed with anal sex.

I can’t speak to why this is the case. Some part of me suspects that many of them might be bi-curious and looking for a toxically heterosexual outlet. This claim has absolutely no substance: it’s just rooted in my own speculation. It’s important to read Queer theory and even more important to critically analyze toxic masculinity, but it’s still pretty fun to tease my straight boyfriend with this notion.

Regardless, straight men definitely go crazy for anal, but for many reasons, women attracted to men don’t always feel the same way for many reasons—the biggest reason being pain.

There are many academic studies on this pain. One from 2011 found that over 40 per cent of heterosexual women (a group which I’m not a part of, but can nonetheless relate to) experienced pain their first time engaging in anal sex. Many stopped immediately, but others endured the pain to please their male partners—which is deeply problematic.

That brings me to the one thing I hope all men reading this take away: never, ever coerce a woman into engaging in any kind of sex. We aren’t yours to convince, and our sexual preferences aren’t up for debate.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can safely tell you lots of women actually enjoy anal, including me. If you really want, you can find a woman willing to do butt stuff—please just wait until the pandemic is over.

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2 responses to “Article: The Tea on Anal”

  1. Stephen says:

    What an offensive and stupid article. I don’t find aquisations of homosexuality towards anal sex loving straight males the least bit funny. Its basically an attempt to deny our existence. There isn’t really any deeper reasons for heterosexual anal sex other than the facts that the asses of females are gorgeous and having sex with them is more pleasurable than anything else in all creation and possibly. Also, women shouldn’t be pressured to do things they don’t want to do but they do need to be informed of deal breaking sexual needs. Sexually incompatible people need to go their separate ways.

  2. Stephen says:

    In history, there was once a steppe empire in Eurasia called Khazaria. The Khazars had originally religiously practiced a form of shamanism or paganism. This seems to have upset their intolerant Christian neighbors to the west and their equally intolerant Muslim neighbors to the south. The Khazars traded with both Christendom and Islam and so wanted to avoid conflict with both without alienating one or the other. Christians wanted the Christians to adopt Christianity and Muslims wanted them to adopt Islam. The Khazars choose their own path and converted to Judaism. Just as there are religiously more than two choices, there are likewise sexually more than two choices.
    Happy New Years everyone!

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