Kink vs. Lifestyle

Because the anal only lifestyle has so much variation and different motivations for practicing it, there can at times be some conflicts and strong differences of opinion when it comes to various aspects of the practices.

A major difference is in how people approach it as simply another kink versus a full time lifestyle and almost at some levels a sexual orientation. While this may not seem conflicting at first glance, it can lead to vastly differing results.

Anal Only as a Kink

For some who come into anal only from the approach of a BDSM practice or kink, it can seem like one of many different kinks to explore, and not necessarily a long term foundation of their sexuality. They might try a month of anal only here or there but avoid long term commitments to staging anal only and ending all vaginal sex. When it’s just a kink, the idea might be fun or exciting and something they want to do, but it isn’t a part of their core identity and they aren’t making long term commitments to it.

The level of interest in anal only with someone approaching it as a kink will also be highly dependent on one’s partner, and many women will choose to let their partner dictate whether they are anal only or if they do vaginal as well, preferring to please them rather than expressing their own preferences. This action also treats anal only as just another kink that could but doesn’t have to be explored together.

All told, this does expose more people to the idea of anal only and many very much enjoy it, but it minimizes the idea of it being a long term or life commitment and the benefits that come along with that.

Anal Only as a Lifestyle

Those who approach anal only as a lifestyle have chosen to make a commitment to the idea of excluding vaginal sex completely and replacing it with anal sex for good. That commitment centers their sexuality on anal sex and grounds them in their new lifestyle.

The commitment itself becomes part of the appeal for many, with pride in how far one has come and establishing a long term streak of no vaginal sex building the desire to not stop being anal only during times of weakness where one might feel lazy or an urge to have vaginal sex again. The longer you stay anal only, the less common those urges become, but also the more you want to keep the anal only streak going.

The adoption of an anal only lifestyle can also in some ways be interpreted as a different sexuality, not in the sense of attraction to gender, but in attraction to sexual activity. Anal only people are sometimes also identified as “analsexual” or “sodosexual”.

Some people adopt the anal only lifestyle, discovering and embracing it later in life after having vaginal sex or a combination of both previously, but others are always anal centric and even if they haven’t always been able to practice it, have a strong natural preference for anal sex and may even actively dislike vaginal sex. This could be seen as an innate tendency towards the anal only lifestyle which can be easily embraced with the decision to commit to avoiding or ending vaginal sex.

What approach to anal only do you see yourself part of, and if you’ve always seen it as more of a kink, does the idea of approaching it more as a long term lifestyle have any appeal to you?

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One response to “Kink vs. Lifestyle”

  1. Barefoot Scott says:

    I find anal attractive as another port of entry into sexual stimulation. Yes, the vagina was bioengineered for sex (and elimination) and the anus for elimination (and sex), and human habits die hard. The mouth was bioengineered for consumption and speaking, but golly it’s also swell for sex. Breast were etc for lactation and child-feeding, but golly damn great for fucking. Just so with the anus. Once you burst through your acculturated layers of social taboo, anxiety, and disapproval, there’s enjoyment to be had. It’s YOUR body–NOBODY has a claim to it!

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