Message: Anal 69

Anonymous: In college, I hard a darling sweet girlfriend. I got her interested in anal, but we never ass fucked. She was a tiny thing, and was unwilling. Had we been together longer, I do not doubt that ass fucking would have been a mainstay.

We ate each other’s ass a lot. I was infatuated with her asshole. Licking and tonguing was never enough, I needed to kiss it deeply, just like french kissing, while she sucked my cock.

Once we had been apart for a time, and when we got together we were both incredibly horny. Without any discussion, we each were soon eating each other’s assholes, and she had a beautiful one. It was so pleasurable, after a joyous 30 minutes or so, she brought me to an unforgettable orgasm. I dropped a massive load on her tummy, which excited her even more.

I have never heard anyone describe an anal 69 experience, and would love to hear from those of you who have. And if you haven’t tried it, you’ll love it.

Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s something I see discussed on occasion but not extremely often. It does sound very enjoyable and seems worth exploring for anyone who enjoys giving or receiving rimming.

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