Submission: How a Carnivore Diet Allowed Me to go Anal Only

Dear anal lovers, if you feel too much pain during anal, this might help.

I am a very happy slave to my Owner and we’ve been together for over 4 years now (I am 23). Since we met I tried to please him with my ass as much as possible, since he wanted to explore anal in many ways. But no matter how hard I tried, I ALWAYS felt more pain than I should.

I did everything, from relaxing to different forms of lube. And my Owner is extremely caring, patient and experienced. So we really did not understand what was wrong, since only about 10% of our attempts resulted in some “OK” anal sex. The other 90% of the time I felt BAD shivers and pain in my rectum, as if my rectum itself was hurt inside. My anus was ok on the outside, the problem was inside.

So after many years, due to a serious health issue, I had to do some deep research and talk to some specialists and discovered keto diet. After researching some more and trying keto for a while, which I did not enjoy at all, I started going full carnivore and my health issue (an auto immune problem) was gone.

But what we did not expect was that as soon as I went full carnivore, my rectum didn’t hurt anymore. It was like magic and trust me, we had been trying every month since we met, so the difference was huge. And I did not just stop feeling the awful shivers but all of a sudden I started REALLY loving the feeling of anal sex for the first time in my life, to the point that I was BEGGING him to fuck me in the ass instead of my pussy.

I used to be very sad because I couldn’t please him anally and now, after all this time, he decided (and I loved it) to be anal only for some time and see how we feel. It’s been a month and a half and we are LOVING it. I never thought this would be even possible and everything changed because of my diet.

So please, if you struggle with pain in your rectum during anal, consider changing your diet instead of just believing that plants and fibers are the solution for everything, because that is what was making me sick in the first place. Carnivore diet saved my life and also changed everything in my sex life for the best. Just keep your minds open and research a lot. I hope this helps you as it helped me.

Honey Doom

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3 responses to “Submission: How a Carnivore Diet Allowed Me to go Anal Only”

  1. Ryan says:

    Don’t agree with this. Gf’s I’ve had do better with a vegetarian diet with fruits and vegetables and lots of fiber. Meat irritates our GI track so while it might be okay now for you, I doubt long term outcomes.

    Trust me, I know what diet works for women who take regular ass reamings well. They want to be better available for my cock to be shoved up their asshole. Almost always vegetarian or vegan, little meat. Remember, lots of fiber from fruits and veggies. Best ass I’ve licked are vegan women. They liked their ass flavor the most in my opinion and did a lot of ass to mouth, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Analien says:

    I agree with Ryan.
    While it might work as an alleviation now, it wouldn’t have to be this way in future.
    Food based predominantly on meat isn’t good for colon health in general.
    There is medically proven correlation between immoderate meat intake and high risk of colon cancer.
    The thing is that large intestine is not designed for proper digestion of meat. Unlike the carnivores, it is too long to digest meat properly. It takes many hours until meat is digested and still, there are some undigested remnants present.
    After some time, those residues form a foundation for creating polyps that can transform into tumors.
    Everyone is different though. This comment is not meant to intimidate or discourage anybody from doing what they think is right for them. Just an opinion.

  3. Alex says:

    I wish I could say I had never read so much bullshit in my life but that would be a lie. These 2 poorly written comments are nothing but ignorant.

    I have been carnivore for 5 years now and I lost count on how many people I know have already been helped by the carnivore lifestyle. Serious symptoms and even so called diseases are just consequences of eating plants instead of real food.

    A quick research and you will see how all these arguments are crap. Don’t believe me. Search for yourself beyond the veganism propaganda and find out what is actually wrong with the eating habits of most countries. Keto diet is saving lives and the real long term vegans are getting sick.

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