Month: November 2020

What Sort of Content Do You Want to See?

This has been somewhat of a recurring theme from time to time, but there has been little response in the past, so the question will continue to be asked.

This blog consistently averages between 600 and 900 unique visitors per day, with about ⅔ of that coming from search engine traffic as people search for related topics and end up directly on articles and posts rather than visiting the site or browsing the homepage for new posts. Much of the remaining ⅓ are visiting the homepage, however, which means there are 200 – 300 of you checking for new posts regularly. Your feedback is desired.

The schedule this blog has fallen into is posting every other day, with each Sunday being an original article and the rest of the week featuring other articles, posts, discussions, and messages from readers. After all these years, it can be challenging to write new original articles, however, and some readers have expressed displeasure at the topics of some articles being unrealistic or “fetish fuel”, perceiving them as not being meant to be taken seriously or pushing a manipulative viewpoint.

So, what sort of articles would you like to read? Are there topics you want more written about? Guest articles? (Any volunteers to write any?) Other perspectives on anal and the anal only lifestyle? Or would people rather see more of a focus on what is shared the rest of the week and only have original articles from time to time as a good idea arises rather than being on a fixed weekly schedule?

To respond to this post, please either leave a comment on it by clicking the “Comment” link at the top or by submitting a message.

Forum: Anal Only Wheelchair Girl Update

A member on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum posts an update five years after first introducing herself and how discovering the anal only lifestyle improved her sex life after a spinal cord injury and loss of sensation below her waist.

Now it’s 5 years later and I found this site again!

Some time after my post me and the man who introduced me to anal only lifestyle broke up. I had some other relationships, not a lot, and it wasn’t anal only. I mostly enjoyed giving blowjobs. Vaginal sex didn’t excite me, but I pretended.

Now my anal only man and I reconnected during covid and we are in anal only lifestyle relationship again. We are very happy to find eachother again and I love the sex so much. This time we will not break up.

rollergirl, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Happy Anal Only Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and while it’s not a holiday celebrated everywhere in the world, it can still be a nice time for us all to reflect on the positives of life and what we’re thankful for. Within the anal only lifestyle, there is a lot to enjoy and be thankful about, and if you have anything that you’d like to share, leave a comment on this post!

As for myself, I’m thankful for such a diverse, enthusiastic and supportive community of people that come together out of a mutual love for anal sex and the anal only lifestyle and help each other out as best as we all can, encouraging, sharing, and understanding each other. Let’s keep that up, and always make sure to stay true to our origins as a place that’s open and welcome to everyone who is interested in anal sex or going anal only and providing the space for people to feel comfortable talking about those preferences and desires.

Message: Anal 69

Anonymous: In college, I hard a darling sweet girlfriend. I got her interested in anal, but we never ass fucked. She was a tiny thing, and was unwilling. Had we been together longer, I do not doubt that ass fucking would have been a mainstay.

We ate each other’s ass a lot. I was infatuated with her asshole. Licking and tonguing was never enough, I needed to kiss it deeply, just like french kissing, while she sucked my cock.

Once we had been apart for a time, and when we got together we were both incredibly horny. Without any discussion, we each were soon eating each other’s assholes, and she had a beautiful one. It was so pleasurable, after a joyous 30 minutes or so, she brought me to an unforgettable orgasm. I dropped a massive load on her tummy, which excited her even more.

I have never heard anyone describe an anal 69 experience, and would love to hear from those of you who have. And if you haven’t tried it, you’ll love it.

Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s something I see discussed on occasion but not extremely often. It does sound very enjoyable and seems worth exploring for anyone who enjoys giving or receiving rimming.

The Depth of Anal is a Hidden Advantage

A somewhat under-appreciated advantage of anal sex over vaginal is the increase in depth that the rectum can provide over the vagina, and the fact that with a little practice and training it can be possible to go deeper than the rectum.

While women with shorter vaginal canals can experience discomfort or pain from a penis reaching the end and impacting their cervix, the rectum is generally longer to begin with and can allow for complete penetration, even with a partner on the longer side.

Depth play can be a lot of fun

When first exploring beyond the end of the rectum into the colon, it can be best to do so with a thin, flexible dildo that bends and helps to temporarily straighten out the bend at the top end of the rectum that acts as a valve for the bottom end of the colon. Because it is a sharp bend, trying to force something past it without practicing at first can cause pain or discomfort or even risk injury, so it’s best to explore it with something suitably soft and flexible first.

Colon penetration unlocks new potential

Once you get started, and learn what it takes to get into your colon, it can lead to a whole new level of fun for masturbation and ultimately sex. The sensation of feeling a toy or penis pop through the bend can be incredibly pleasurable and even orgasmic for some women, and the ability to get fucked all the way through your rectum into your colon can be very satisfying mentally as well as provide for a well-endowed partner to fit fully inside if he doesn’t fit in your rectum on its own.

Deep ejaculation provides health benefits

Another major advantage of exploring colon penetration is that if you enjoy keeping semen inside longer term for its various health and mood-enhancing benefits, ejaculating deeper into the colon will help to keep it inside of you for longer without leaking out, because it will be kept behind the valve at the bend between rectum and colon and allow it to be absorbed over a longer period of time.

If you haven’t experimented with anal depth play, and are looking for a new frontier, give it a try!

Submission: How a Carnivore Diet Allowed Me to go Anal Only

Dear anal lovers, if you feel too much pain during anal, this might help.

I am a very happy slave to my Owner and we’ve been together for over 4 years now (I am 23). Since we met I tried to please him with my ass as much as possible, since he wanted to explore anal in many ways. But no matter how hard I tried, I ALWAYS felt more pain than I should.

I did everything, from relaxing to different forms of lube. And my Owner is extremely caring, patient and experienced. So we really did not understand what was wrong, since only about 10% of our attempts resulted in some “OK” anal sex. The other 90% of the time I felt BAD shivers and pain in my rectum, as if my rectum itself was hurt inside. My anus was ok on the outside, the problem was inside.

So after many years, due to a serious health issue, I had to do some deep research and talk to some specialists and discovered keto diet. After researching some more and trying keto for a while, which I did not enjoy at all, I started going full carnivore and my health issue (an auto immune problem) was gone.

But what we did not expect was that as soon as I went full carnivore, my rectum didn’t hurt anymore. It was like magic and trust me, we had been trying every month since we met, so the difference was huge. And I did not just stop feeling the awful shivers but all of a sudden I started REALLY loving the feeling of anal sex for the first time in my life, to the point that I was BEGGING him to fuck me in the ass instead of my pussy.

I used to be very sad because I couldn’t please him anally and now, after all this time, he decided (and I loved it) to be anal only for some time and see how we feel. It’s been a month and a half and we are LOVING it. I never thought this would be even possible and everything changed because of my diet.

So please, if you struggle with pain in your rectum during anal, consider changing your diet instead of just believing that plants and fibers are the solution for everything, because that is what was making me sick in the first place. Carnivore diet saved my life and also changed everything in my sex life for the best. Just keep your minds open and research a lot. I hope this helps you as it helped me.

Honey Doom

Forum: How to Convince my Religious Husband to go Anal Only?

My husband enjoys anal sex but feels guilty afterwards due to his religious beliefs. I absolutely love anal and want to move away from pussy, but he feels it’s wrong and that we should not do it anymore. I keep enticing him and get my way, but after he starts with pussy. He loves my tight ass and says it feels better but continues to be resistant to it. What should I do? Any tips? Any other AO lovers with similar problem? I want his cock in my ass every day, I want to orgasm anally only and want to abandon boring pussy fucking. Help!!!!

Jess for anal, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Forum: I’m an Anal Only Cum Repository

I’m new to the site but a long-time AO whore.
I’ve always had a high sex drive and wanted to push limits and my husband of 25 years allows me to do that. We are in an open relationship. He allows me to fuck who I want as long as I come home full of cum and allow him sloppy seconds ( or thirds or fifths ) I relinquished total control of my vagina and clit about 5 years ago. I’m still allowed to be throat fucked also. Prior to that I was almost AO but enjoyed being throat fucked, piss fucked and fisted vaginally. My hubby suggested I become an AO cum and piss repository and the idea really turned me on. I love the thought of being a cum and piss repository with me being there to be used and no regard for my pleasure. We call my arsehole a cunt and my throat, my throatcunt. That makes me cum much more and much harder than clit stimulation ever did. I allow my hubby to use me whenever, wherever and however he desires. He doesn’t need to ever ask. I merely exist for his pleasure and gratification. He often plugs my arsehole after he breeds me and then continues to top me up throughout the day. My arsehole is open at all hours and for as long as he wants. He will often just mount me in the middle of the night. He pushes my face into the pillow or uses my head to hold on to whilst he obliterates my arsehole. He will then pull out, plug me and feed me his cock to clean up. I’m usually still horny and will often gag myself on his cock to get him hard again for a second or third load. With other guys I fuck it’s always AO and oral. I enjoy ATM very much and love being throat fucked or spit roasted or Anal DP’d. Hubby allows me to swallow cum loads when I’m throat fucked as long as I still come home with a load or three up my arsehole for him to use as lube. He allows me to bring guys home occasionally for DP or spit roasts but home is predominantly his domain. We have been experimenting with piss enemas of late and I’m getting to enjoy that too. We are also considering anal fisting but only in the early research stages of that. Looking forward to chatting to you all and learning more about how we can continue to push limits.

Lisalovesanal, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Halfway Through No Pussy November 2020!

We’re now officially halfway through No Pussy November 2020, but if you haven’t gotten started yet, there’s still time! Commit to a month of only anal sex instead of vaginal starting now and you can experience what the anal only lifestyle is really like and see if it’s for you.

If you have been taking part, don’t forget to send us a message and share how it’s been going, what your experience has been like so far, and whether you think you’re going to keep going with anal only once the month is over!

Forum: Returning to Anal Only

Mr P and I enjoyed months of anal only pleasure last year and after a dry spell we have decided that anal only gave us both true pleasure. He loves owning my arse and how tight it feels around his cock. I am on way to orgasming from anal only as we’ve discovered I can only cum if he fingers my arse when touching my clit. Mr P wants my arse to cum for him on demand I am therefore giving up my clit, pussy and nipples for him. He has allowed me to have once last clit orgasm whilst he is at work. I had to film it for in and send it to him as my last piece of free will. My outer labia lips are pierced and now sealed shut with a padlock. I am to give Mr P the key tonight. That area now belongs to him. I have checked my arse gape and pleased to say I can take a plug that is 4 inch circumference and 6 inch length. I’m hoping I can take his cock for him tonight and please him fully

Mr&missP, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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