Make the Shift to Anal Through Positive Encouragement

Many men reach out asking how they can get their female partners to start having anal sex or go anal only. While there is a lot of great advice about the process in our Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle, one key to being successful in this goal is approaching it with a positive rather than negative attitude.

If you’re unsatisfied with vaginal sex and think anal sex will be the solution to that, don’t start out the conversation by saying that you’re unhappy with vaginal sex. Nobody wants to hear that their partner isn’t enjoying sex with them, even if it isn’t their fault and there’s nothing wrong with them. It can make people insecure about their bodies and their performance and be less inclined to try new things.

Instead, work on gradually making her feel sexy and proud about her ass and let her know how beautiful and attractive it is, how much you love it, how it turns you on, and as you start having anal sex together, let her know how much you enjoy sharing that with her and how great it feels. Build her up rather than putting her down by making her feel like her pussy isn’t good enough.

Couple that with making sure that anal feels really great for her and she gets a lot of pleasure and orgasms out of it, and you’ll be a long way towards enjoying anal together frequently!

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