Message: Stop Wasting Time on Vaginal Sex

Anonymous: Why do so many women say that anal is amazing, then they go back to vaginal sex? You’re wasting time on vaginal sex. After your first anal orgasm, you should go anal only! A real anal slut abandons vaginal sex and goes anal only.

There are a variety of reasons: some people aren’t ready to give up vaginal yet, or think they need to continue it to be normal or to be a “proper” woman, have a partner who wants it even if they don’t, don’t feel that they’re ready for full time anal sex yet, or have fears about some of the myths surrounding “too much” anal sex.

But yes, it’s a waste of time to continue focusing on vaginal sex when you could be unlocking the true pleasures of pure anal only and anal orgasms. I highly encourage making the transition from doing both vaginal and anal, or even from being “mostly anal only” to full time, 100% anal only.

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One response to “Message: Stop Wasting Time on Vaginal Sex”

  1. I agree. Having vaginal sex while trying to go anal only is like taking a little meth while trying to get off meth. This is why couples seeking to go anal only should commit to a month of anal only, where they have anal sex at least three times a week. That’s only anal sex twelve times in a month. That’s less than every other day. Most couples who successfully complete this commitment report committing to anal only long term.

    Vaginal sex disrupts the body’s process of learning how to derive pleasure only from anal sex. Each time a couple has vaginal sex while attempting to go anal only, it sets them back considerably.

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