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Message: Wrong Way Enslavement

Veki: Dear! The main problem with people who are interested in this topic is lost of love. When two peoples do not love each other they are looking for love surrogates. “Only anal” concept is fake surrogate for soul emptiness. It is sin, wrong way of life, because this is like consumation of drugs. In the begining, iz feels fine and nice but during the time it becomes insufficient and you need more and more dosege to be able to survive to the end of day. Very quickly you will become overexcited and will start to search other, more extrem, perversion to satisfy your sick sexual madness. And this road goes to hell. On the end, man starts to hate himself because he find out that he is lost without love. I tell you this beacuse I had anal sex several years and find out how it was unnatural and dirty. Only love can save you. But you have no love because you hate women, nature nad God…you are slaves of your mad, insatiable desire. One day you will find that your soul is dying if you continue with this perversion. I hope that everyone of you will realise very soon how this sin is wrong for you and find salvation. God bless you.

Thank you for your concern, but I think you’re quite mistaken. While some people may use sex as a surrogate for love, that’s not specific to any sort of sex. There’s also nothing inherently wrong with casual sex. For people who have a healthy relationship with sex, anal sex can just be a more intensely pleasurable way of enjoying it, being intimate, and expressing sexuality without risking pregnancy. There are many, many loving anal only couples who use anal sex as their physical expression of that love and connection.

There’s also zero hatred of women here. In fact, many of the most enthusiastic members of this community are women who love anal sex because it gives them more pleasure than vaginal sex, and more sexual freedom to enjoy intimacy without risking pregnancy. The anal only lifestyle is empowering to women, in reality!

Forum: How to Train Myself to Cum from Anal

Hey! I’m new here. Me and my boyfriend have made the transition to anal only 9 days ago and we are loving it! The pleasure is so intense all the time.

Unfortunately, I am usually unable to cum from our sessions. Of the 13 times we’ve had anal sex since then I’ve only reached orgasm 3 times. Don’t get me wrong it’s still super pleasurable but I can’t climax.

I was looking for some place to ask and found this forum. So I hope you can help me and my boyfriend.

Is there any way to train myself to cum from anal every time? I’m open with going non anal only for the training as long as I end up being anal only. Thanks!

SluttyJanet, Anal Only Lifestyle

One of several good responses:

Hi, well first of all patience.

you can “train” that is to say play with your ass, with toys and others but it is not necessary if you have regular sex with your boyfriend using your ass.

If you touch your clitoris during anal sex you will reach cum relatively quickly but I imagine you want an anal orgasm, without pussy / clit, this is very intense but you must have patience, your body must adapt to anal first.
What they advised me was to use the missionary but anal poses, or lying down with my butt slightly raised with a pillow or ride and play with your waist, it works even though I like other positions too but it can be useful to start. xD

it takes a month and a half (approximately) going anal only, to have orgasms, I think it is on the mental side, focusing all your pleasure and sensations on your butt and that takes some time, but it is something more personal, each girl will have her time I imagine, but what I am trying to say is that it is not so simple.

I will give you a tip that can be useful to you, forget this, I mean, at the beginning I was like you, with that orgasm in my mind but I had to really forget it and just enjoy, let go and that climax would come. Probably there will come a moment of sex, where you will feel that you can no longer, but continue and break that barrier, then when you think that you can no longer, and that climax will come.

julietagc, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Message: Sending New Messages

Rhys: First up, thanks for the great work! I drop by most days (and practice what you preach..)
I just wanted to let you know that when viewed on a smartphone there is no obvious way to send a new message other than commenting on a post.
If you disagree I’ll be happy to send you a screenshot.
This may explain why you don’t get much reader feedback?
Perhaps you could engineer a more prominent button for messages?
Otherwise, good luck with it!

There’s actually a row of links under the blog title at the top of each page, which includes an “Ask” link. It could perhaps be renamed or made more prominent with a color.

Forum: Anybody Else Not Use Lube?

Me and my Partner are anal only by choice and convenience but we have something in common. we don’t really like to use lube as it gets rid of a lot of friction and feeling inside for us. some days when shes just naturally wide open we can get in no lube other times we need a bit and it does steal some feeling for us and make it messier sometimes but does anybody else do or like this or is it uncommon

BWS19, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

It may surprise readers that most people responding similarly prefer to not use lube beyond a bit of saliva and natural anal mucous for lubrication!

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How Much Anal is Too Much?

I see this question come up a lot, as people discover that they really enjoy anal but then worry that they can’t have it as often as they would like to. This is one of those things that keeps a lot of people from going anal only, because they feel the need to take time off between having anal sex and do vaginal in between to make up for it.

The reality is that there’s not really any such thing as too much anal sex, and it all depends on you and your body and how much you can handle at a given time.

If you’re getting sore after anal sex every time you do it and need to rest between having sex again, you’re on the edge of what’s right for you at that time. You should find a balance and frequency that just slightly pushes your limits and stick with that for a few weeks to a month, and then gradually start increasing the frequency. If you can do it twice a week at first, try going to three times a week after a while, and so on from there.

If you aren’t getting sore or noticing any problems, then you aren’t doing it too much and it’s perfectly fine for you, and could probably do it more often if you wanted to!

Ultimately, the more frequently you have anal sex, the easier it is to have anal sex frequently, because it helps keep your anal muscles in good shape and ready to have sex. Think of it like exercising, if you work out infrequently, you get sore and are in pain and struggle every time you do it, but if you establish an exercise routine and stick to it regularly, it gets much easier and more enjoyable. The same is true for anal sex.

Message: Stop Wasting Time on Vaginal Sex

Anonymous: Why do so many women say that anal is amazing, then they go back to vaginal sex? You’re wasting time on vaginal sex. After your first anal orgasm, you should go anal only! A real anal slut abandons vaginal sex and goes anal only.

There are a variety of reasons: some people aren’t ready to give up vaginal yet, or think they need to continue it to be normal or to be a “proper” woman, have a partner who wants it even if they don’t, don’t feel that they’re ready for full time anal sex yet, or have fears about some of the myths surrounding “too much” anal sex.

But yes, it’s a waste of time to continue focusing on vaginal sex when you could be unlocking the true pleasures of pure anal only and anal orgasms. I highly encourage making the transition from doing both vaginal and anal, or even from being “mostly anal only” to full time, 100% anal only.

Forum: What Does Anal Feel Like For The Giver?

So far, I have experienced two differents senstations:
– with some girls, then main stimulation on the tip of your dick is when you enter her anus. The anal canal offers lots of friction and stimulation.
Once inside her, it’s like to be in a very large empty room!! Only the shaft of your dick is getting direct stimulation.
You have to almost exit her to every stroke to get your dick head stimulated. Not all girls will like the feeling of you entering/exiting at each stroke.
Penetration will not be very deep though, unless you want to make it so. Difficult to go full speed when you need to control the exit move in order to stay within her just before total exit.
– with some other girls, once you have passed the anal canal, the tip of your dick will enter in contact with the rectum walls, like in a vagina. There the sensations are a total bliss, you can go ball deep and feel your partner all the way in and out. You can go full speed as well and keep the feeling.
The friction is also stronger than in a vagina, even if you put lots of lube.

Zombawa, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Message: Panties for Anal Sex?

Anonymous: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the panties I sometimes see girls wearing in porn where it covers their pussy but is open in the back for anal sex?

I really want some! I like keeping my pussy covered and I use tape but panties like this would be nice too for when I can’t tape my pussy. I love the idea of chastity but I’m too scared to get piercings or anything, so tape and other easy things would be great!

You can usually find those panties by searching for “backless panties” or “open back panties” or “cage back panties”. They’re an excellent option for any anal only woman and send a good signal to partners! I’ve even heard of a few anal only women who don’t wear any other kind of panties anymore.

The Benefits of Overnight Plug Wear

I’ve long recommended the use of butt plugs to aid in the anal training process, and they really are one of the best ways to practice, train and warm up before sex.

Many people, however, are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing them all day at work or in public, or have a job or lifestyle that makes it difficult to do so. Fortunately, there’s a great option anyone can enjoy to make long term plug wear possible and to enjoy the benefits!

Putting in a plug before you go to bed and wearing it overnight can give you many hours of passive anal training each day without interfering with your daily life and routine.

Overnight plug wear passively trains your ass

When you’re wearing a plug during the day, it can be very stimulating and for a lot of people that’s part of the appeal, but it can also be distracting and interfere with other parts of daily life for some people.

By wearing a plug overnight instead, it’s more of a passively pleasant feeling. It can be distracting for some people at first, but with a little practice, it provides an easy 6 to 8 hours per day of anal training where you don’t need to do anything but slip your plug in and go to sleep. Keep up that routine, and you’ll be having anal sex regularly and easily!

Better relaxation and sleep can result from overnight plug wear

Once you get past the newness of having your ass plugged while you sleep, it’s common to wake up feeling more refreshed and relaxed than before and getting better sleep. This may seem counterintuitive to those who are just starting and feel overstimulated with the plug in and may even find it hard to get to sleep the first time or two, but once you get comfortable with it in, it becomes very relaxing!

This pairs nicely with the natural relaxation of the body that most people experience when sleeping, and as their anal muscles relax along with that, it helps the plug hold them open comfortably and train them into becoming more elastic and easy to stretch open for sex and more active forms of masturbation.

Overnight plug wear is one of the easiest ways to establish an anal routine

One of the most important things for enjoying anal long term or becoming anal only is establishing a consistent routine so that your ass stays warmed up and ready for sex rather than waiting long amounts of time between sex or masturbation each time and needing to start over to open yourself back up and getting sore every time.

As you get a little more experienced with wearing a plug to bed, start doing it every night, and you’ll have your very own routine to stay warmed up and limber and ready for sex or masturbation as often as you want.

Ease into overnight plug wear

If you’re new to long term butt plug wear, you may not immediately be able to wear a plug all night long the first time you try it. Put it in, go to sleep, and see how it goes. If it gets uncomfortable sometime in the night, take it out and see if it needs more lube added. If it stays uncomfortable, leave it out the rest of the night and try again the next night. After a few nights of this, you should notice that you can wear it for longer amounts of time.

Similarly, you may find that certain types of plugs are more comfortable than others for overnight wear. High quality silicone, metal and glass tend to be the best. Cheaper silicone and other soft materials that need water-based lube can often dry out overnight and need more lube. But try it for yourself and see how it goes!