How You Can Help Spread the Anal Only Lifestyle

The anal only lifestyle has grown organically over the past decade, starting its organized discussion online with several blogs and growing into the larger community that exists today across multiple platforms, and with many individual anal only people sharing their experiences on their own blogs and other non-anal only communities. Anal only is starting to become less niche and bleed into other groups and see more widespread adoption. Still, if we want it to become far more of the norm and a mainstream thing for the average person to adopt, we still have a long way to go to reach everyone and encourage and guide them towards trying and embracing a life of pure anal sex. Here are some ideas on how you can help!

Post About it Online

There are lots of ways you can share your own experiences and desires about anal sex and the anal only lifestyle, and providing many different voices and perspectives on this across a wide variety of platforms not only helps people in similar situations relate to your story and feel less alone in their own experiences, it ensures that the anal only lifestyle and positive discussion about anal sex reaches a broader audience.

  • Join the Anal Only Lifestyle forum, Discord server and subreddit, and talk with other like-minded people
  • Share your story or ask questions right here on the Anal Only Lifestyle blog
  • Create a blog on Bdsmlr, which has taken over from Tumblr as the premier sex and porn microblogging platform for sharing and expressing and exploring one’s sexuality and kinks, and which has a small but growing anal only community forming
  • Start and join discussions about anal sex and the anal only lifestyle on other platforms, including Twitter (here’s a Twitter search that helps find existing discussions about preferring anal or going anal only), Fetlife, HipForums, Reddit, Quora, and any other platform that has discussions about sex and anal. Share your own experiences, and help spread anal positivity and the concept of going anal only and its advantages.

Support Anal Only Porn

There are certain porn producers out there which focus much more on anal porn and produce 100% anal only scenes, at least some of the time. There are also a number of “amateur” content creators who post directly to places like PornHub or ManyVids and produce and sell their own content, often primarily or exclusively anal only. If you’re able, financially support the production of anal only porn by paying for that content and encouraging them to continue focusing on pure anal.

Tell Your Friends

If you’re comfortable talking about sex with your friends, tell them about loving anal and being anal only, and how much you like it and what its benefits are for you, then if they show interest in it, encourage and help them to go anal only too. Provide them with resources like our Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle, dispel any concerns they have, and give them any advice of your own that you have on enjoying anal and the process of first going anal only. Challenge them to try it for a month or two, whether as part of Anal Only April or No Pussy November each year, or just on their own, and support them during that challenge period so they have the best possible experience and will want to stick with it afterwards.

Be Open When Dating About Only Doing Anal

If you’re single and dating, be sure to be honest with new partners about your anal only status or interest and that you aren’t interested in having vaginal sex, only anal. It may eliminate some uninterested potential partners, but it’s worth talking about it early on so that you figure out if you’re compatible before ending up in a relationship and being sexually frustrated the whole time.

If you’re hooking up with someone, tell them right up front that you only do anal. If you’re trying to date for a long term relationship, hold off to talk about anal only until you would normally start talking about sex, and get to know them as a person a bit first. But make it an early part of your sexual conversation.

Support the Anal Only Lifestyle Community

A large part of the Anal Only Lifestyle community online is managed by just one person, yours truly, and it takes quite a bit of time and effort (and some money, too) to keep things all running and updated with fresh content for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.

  • This blog posts every one to two days, depending on my time and availability, and the availability of content. In addition to writing original posts once a week, I answer people’s submitted questions and shared stories, and search the internet for other interesting anal and anal only-related content to share. It can be hard to find enough content to fill the space sometimes, especially during periods when not many people are submitting their own stories and questions to share on the blog, so this can be time consuming.
  • I run multiple anal only blogs on Bdsmlr, after transferring all said blogs off Tumblr. These blogs post between 1 and 6 times a day, and I keep their queues filled with original and reblogged content and captions to inspire and arouse people, with varying anal only-related themes.
  • I maintain and moderate the Anal Only Lifestyle forum, Discord server, and subreddit. We also have a small team of other moderators on the forum and Discord who are a great help.

I also have a full time job that often requires me to be unavailable and offline for extended lengths of time, so content on the blogs—this one included—are queued up in advance so that the schedule continues uninterrupted for everyone to keep reading and then I update and shuffle things around to answer people’s questions more quickly rather than simply adding onto the end of the queue when I’m able while away for work.

As such, if you’re able to help in one of various ways, your support is greatly appreciated.

  • You can buy the Amazon ebook version of our Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle and help support us financially with a simple purchase that provides you with a nice reference with a lot of useful information about having anal sex and going anal only.
  • You can join our Patreon and provide a small monthly financial contribution to support the continuing development of this community and ongoing creation and sharing of content for your enjoyment and that of others.
  • You can share interesting articles, posts, and discussions that you find online, ask questions to be answered publicly on this blog, write guest articles, or otherwise help provide content to be added to the blog queue, through our Ask and Submit page.

Thanks to everyone for reading, sharing, and helping support the anal only lifestyle in whatever way you’re able.

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