Message: Stomach Issues After Anal

KateLovesAnal: I want to be able to do anal every day but my stomach gets upset often afterwards. Gas, constipation and general stomach discomfort to the point that it would be unenjoyable or even painful. This can happen even if my asshole itself is more or less fine. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. I love anal and am getting more bored with my pussy every day. I want to be able to have anal every day but sometimes my body just won’t let it happen.

This can be the result of a few different factors, and could even be something I’m not covering here. If nothing I mention helps, it may be worth talking to a doctor about it as well if you have the opportunity to do so.

It could be digestive in nature. Do you have any issues with digestion with not having anal sex, or is it triggered by the anal sex for you and you normally feel fine? Adding dietary fiber or fiber supplements to your diet and daily routine can be a good way to have a more regular digestive cycle and reduce the issues that result from anal sex.

Do you use an enema before having anal sex? How much water are you using if so? If you use too much and get it too deep, without fully doing a deep clean, you can clean yourself out briefly but end up activating your digestive tract and cause cramping or even diarrhea. Alternatively, some people need to do a deeper enema to clean themselves out suitably to avoid gas and cramping, though diet and exercise can reduce the need for this.

Are you wearing butt plugs regularly? Some people find that doing so can help regulate their digestive system and make it more accommodating for anal sex, while others find that it causes constipation if they keep large plugs in for too long.

What type of lube are you using? Some lubes can cause reactions that result in increased gas or cramping, and you might want to try a different kind if this something you’re experiencing.

Finally, you may just need to persevere for a while and stick with it. Some people get cramping as a reaction to anal penetration at first but if they keep doing anal penetration as a regular routine, it can go away.

I hope that you’re able to figure this out, and live the anal only life that you want.

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