Reddit: 28F Making the Transition to Anal Only

I’ve let my husband control all our sexual activities and have been happily free use for him since we married almost 10 years ago. I love how beautiful it makes me feel when he touches every part of me, even the places I used to think of as dirty. He introduced me to anal sex early on, and it has gradually become more frequent, but he used to usually bring me to orgasm using my clit afterwards, partly as a reward and partly as a way to help me tighten my asshole back up and keep some of his cum inside me without needing a plug.

At the beginning of last month he told me I was ready to stop relying on my clit and that he would be taking a break from my pussy. We haven’t had anything but anal since then, which has never given me an orgasm. He reminds me how strong I am and he tells me how much he loves to see me learning to relax and not being lazy to rely on orgasms to find my muscles. He has been sliding a finger up my ass and having me tighten up after sex so that I can keep most of his cum inside me. He told me today that he intends to remain anal only and it feels a bit daunting but I’ve always trusted his guidance and he’s never made me anything but ecstatic to have such a loving and nurturing husband who pushes my sexual boundaries.

For the most part I love it and I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve always loved making him happy and he seems very proud of me for going so long without orgasm. He has always helped me learn to love the ways he wants to touch me and maybe I will learn this way too. It still feels more uncomfortable than it is pleasurable, but I’m getting used to it and figuring out how to relax faster every time. The other night when I was on my period he didn’t even have to remove my tampon, he told me how nice it was to not have to make a mess and he was right. I’m hoping I learn to really enjoy it even if I don’t learn how to orgasm from it.

I had no idea there was an entire community dedicated to people who felt this way and I’m excited to have so much to read up on and learn about. Thank you for sharing your stories, I’ve begun reading some of the success stories and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy. If anyone happens to be in a similar situation and cares to share any words of support or encouragement, tips and tricks, or maybe even pitfalls to avoid, it would be appreciated. I’m looking forward to being a regular poster when I have updates.

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