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I grew up in a very liberal household, and it would not be uncommon for my mother in particular to openly talk to me about sex, body functions, puberty etc. She didn’t give me “the” big talk, but instead, first explained to me where babies came from when I was in first grade (or maybe a little younger) when I started to be curious. It never was a topic to be ashamed of afterwards (it hadn’t been before either, I just hadn’t been too interested), so many more little “talks” followed when I would have questions.

Anal sex was a very normal part of these conversations, since she presented it as something completely normal. I remember her explaining that some woman prefer vaginal sex, while others prefer to use their anus. I couldn’t really imagine having anything, let alone a penis, in either of these holes… But then again, we all change when hormones kick in, don’t we?

When I started to make my own sexual experiences, I quite liked vaginal sex after a very short while, so I didn’t really think of trying anal. Plus, let’s be honest, you don’t really want to copy your mother as a teenager.

It took me until my time as a university student that I first tried anal masturbation. I grew into it more and more, though sadly, the guys I was dating back then weren’t too interested in anal – something that still fascinates me, given how, when you read online, it seems like almost every guy’s biggest dream is to take his girl’s ass. Anyway, since there was nothing wrong with vaginal sex, I didn’t complain too much.

All that changed when I met my now husband. He had always loved anal sex. In fact, he loved (and loves) it a lot more than vaginal. That came to me as a surprise though. The very first time we had sex, he wanted to do doggy. I was thinking well, it’s not the most intimate, but it’s a fun position, so why not. So I turn around and he gets behind me. To my surprise, he straight went for my ass. He had a condom brand with a lot of lube and went slow, so it wasn’t too big of a problem that I hadn’t been wearing a plug or something, especially since I regularly masturbated anally.

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