The Growing Normalization of Anal Sex

As we move into a new decade, it’s interesting to look at the ongoing shifts in trends surrounding anal sex, and there have been some drastic shifts indeed in the past decade.

More than any time in recent history, a majority of young women are very open to anal play and anal sex. Rimming very publicly grew in popularity in recent years, but along with that—not quite as openly talked about, but much more open than in the past—is anal sex itself.

The reasons are no doubt multifold, including:

  • Increased representation of anal sex in porn, especially with a focus on women enjoying it and shifting away from the 90s and early 2000s cliche of women not enjoying anal and only suffering through it for guys. The current generation coming of age grew up watching porn, and most porn treats vaginal as nothing more than foreplay before the main act of anal, if it even includes vaginal at all. So anal is very normalized as one of, if not the, primary form of sex as a result.
  • The increased positivity in groups of friends surrounding anal as a result of their own exploration of it, and instead of discouraging each other from trying it, friends are openly promoting it and encouraging it to each other, sharing how good it is and how much more they like it than pussy.
  • Much more widely available and more accurate information on how to start having anal sex and enjoy it. Lots of girls are exploring it on their own before ever trying it with a guy, but even for those who don’t, it only takes a few seconds to find a basic guide to starting out with anal, so for anyone who takes the small effort to research before trying, it’s easy to have anal sex for the first time and not have it be a painful experience that turns them off the idea forever.

As we continue into the new decade, this current trajectory may get us to the point where anal widely becomes seen by most people as a completely normal form of sex, completely on the same level of vaginal sex, and not something cheaper, inferior, or just for special occasions. People who prefer anal will not be treated as unusual, but it will seem completely normal to have such a preference, as will making the choice to be anal only and forego vaginal entirely—after all, most people don’t think it’s strange currently to be vaginal only and refuse anal, so why should it be the same for anal?

From there, a worthy goal would be to shift the normalization of anal even further until it is treated as the default for everyone, and vaginal recedes until it is seen as a less normal act, reserved for when a couple decides to have kids and wants to get pregnant.

What signs and evidence have you seen suggesting the increasing normalization of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle? Leave a comment to share!

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  1. Pehart says:

    Hi! What are your experiences how much dose the reach of the site and the forum increase since the last couple of years? It would be interesting to see how much other related (I think there are not so few) site’s are “growing” in the anal theme! Like PornHub statistics does every year. I’ve made some research in the actual PornHub review (2019). Anal is the 7th most watched category by woman and man. By the young people (25-34) is the 6th most popular anal porn to watch. By the not so very young people (35-44) is the 5th most popular theme!

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