Month: January 2020

Reddit: Longest You’ve Received Anal in One Session?

I’ve had buttplugs in for hours, playing with it and pulling it in and out to edge myself. My asshole would loosen up, accepting bigger and bigger objects more easily. I want to be able to take dick for hours, preferably with a lot of hard thrusting on top of that. I’ve heard of girls receiving it anally for hours during gangbangs, and I find it really hot and want to work up to it myself.

How long were you able to go in one session, and how did you work up to that level?

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Message: Stories Inspired Me

Anonymous: Thank you to the people who shared their own stories of anal only on this blog, I was inspired to try it myself because of seeing these people and how many different experiences they had, mostly good!

I have gone anal only with my husband for one year since the start of this year and we love how close it has brought us since we stopped the vaginal sex. I had to use the birth control pill before and it affected me badly, so with this we are able to stop that and enjoy sex naturally but without getting pregnant. I think this is the best.

Please, post more stories of other people who are anal only, it is my favourite thing to read and learn from and to see that there are many others doing the same as us.

Thank you for sharing, it sounds like anal only has been a wonderful thing for you! Readers of this blog regularly say that other people’s AO experiences are what they most enjoy reading, so you’re not alone there!

However, it depends on each of you reading this to share your own stories and perspectives—even if you aren’t anal only currently, let us know what appeals to you about the lifestyle, what your goals are, what you’d like to do, your past experiences with anal and AO, and whatever you like. We’re always happy to share, offer advice and suggestions, and even debate. Send us a message here.

Reddit: Trying to Switch to AO for 5 Years

little backstory: I’m happily married to my husband, who’s way more into anal than I am (unfortunately).

We both sort of fetishized anal since we started dating, and I gave it a few tries back then. I quickly found out that I liked the idea of anal more than anal itself, which was basically : that it hurt a bit, that it was uncomfortable, and that my husband loved it. (I know it might sound messed up to some, but I guess it’s a kink).
But I really enjoyed it back then, in those terms, and was able to orgasm sometimes (through clitoral stimulation only tho)

We slowly started opening up about our fantasies, then we got married and really started acting on them.
One of mine envolved fisting, I was really curious but my husband was afraid I’d get too loose (not that he refused to do it, we just share everything that’s on our minds basically) he also knew I didn’t quite enjoy anal but I’d do it anyway, because he loved it (and the idea of it turned me on, I guess).

I might’ve gone a “little” overboard with the fisting thing, because he eventually started to notice (and me too tbh) I was a bit (quite) loose after a year or so. But I didn’t want to give up on it, so we both agreed on doing more anal to compensate for the lack of tightness he complained about . Then it became doing anal almost everytime we had sex, or a fisting session.

^This really started to aggravate me. We had sex very often back then and I wasn’t able to keep up with all the times I had to do some preparation beforehand. This led to some accidents that embarrassed the shit out of me (LOL). It got to a point that I gave up on fisting and sex in general just so we wouldn’t do anal anymore. But I noticed my husband really missed it, so I ended up trying again. Anyway it took a toll on our sex lives.

Then, (5 years ago) I had a child (long story, surrogacy), and I don’t know if the fisting or the delivery but my vagina never really snapped back to normal. It got to a point that he claimed he had almost no feeling, basically he was doing PIV just to please me. We talked it out cause I didn’t want to seem selfish (I already was my sister’s surrogate against his will, I convinced him into trying fisting, I had that “abstinence” moment, I mean…) And that’s when he suggested we’d go AO.

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Reddit: New Lifestyle

greetings!! my girlfriend and i talked a lot about it and she agreed to just accept anal sex in our relationships, we are together for 4 months and we don’t miss vaginal sex

Well, for now I don’t have much to talk about, I don’t like to use condoms and we don’t want to have children for now, I explained to her this desire that I have and she gladly accepted, I can say it’s the best sex there is

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Message: Give Up Clit Orgasms?

Anonymous: My bf got me into anal only last year and I like it but struggle with some things. It’s still harder for me to get to orgasm from anal but he doesn’t want me to keep using my clit anymore. I haven’t used it so far this year, because he wanted me to try 2020 without my pussy at all, but it’s hard to not cum every time. Do you have any advice? Is there anything I can do to cum from anal more often?

Congratulations on being anal only and starting out the year with a new challenge to commit even more fully to the anal only lifestyle!

It’s a good sign that you’re able to orgasm from anal at least some of the time! That suggests that by focusing purely on anal pleasure and excluding clitoral stimulation from your routine, you’ll start orgasming more easily from anal in time. Pay attention to what sort of positions and speeds you’re in when you orgasm more frequently and try to replicate that towards the end of an anal session in order to make it more likely that you will orgasm regularly from anal.

In the long term, moving past clitoral stimulation to pure anal will pay off immensely and there are many benefits to doing so, which you can read about in our Guide to Clitoral Denial. I wish you the best of luck!

Natural Anal Lubrication

A commonly held belief about anal sex is that you always need artificial lubrication because the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina does. While additional lubrication is certainly necessary for many people, especially when starting out, the idea that there’s no natural lubrication in the anus and rectum is in fact not correct—for some people more than others.

Everyone has some level of natural lubrication that aids with the digestive process, called “anal mucous”. This substance is produced and secreted by the rectal and colon walls to provide protection and lubrication to the natural digestive process. On its own, it does not provide enough lubrication for the much more active motions of anal sex for most people.

However, some people find that, once they become more experienced with anal sex, their natural anal mucous combined with a little bit of saliva or other lubricant at the start, provides enough lubrication for anal sex, and they don’t need anything else.

Additionally, there are some people, though it seems to be a fairly small percentage, who produce natural anal lubricant in higher quantities and find that they don’t need any other lube at all for anal sex. Anecdotally, some claim that this product is even tied to their arousal, similar to vaginal lubrication. This phenomenon doesn’t appear to have been studied anywhere, and may have other explanations, but practically speaking, people who experience such a phenomenon can easily enjoy anal sex without any additional lubricant.

Do you or anyone you know enjoy the benefits of natural anal lubrication? Leave a comment or send us a message!

Reddit: Masturbating with a Numbing Agent

Last night my husband brought home a little surprise for my cunt, as a gift for happily agreeing to his new proposal to leave it in our past. Many of you probably know about plenty of numbing creams and gels, but he chose liquid anbesol. He took a q-tip and dipped it in the bottle, then dabbed it all over my clit and blew on it for a few seconds. Then he told me to start massaging my clit. It was so strange to be completely unable to feel it at all! I kept looking between my legs, watching my worthless pussy giving me not even a hint of pleasure. After a few minutes watching me unable to even get myself wet, he spit on it and I still couldn’t feel a thing. Then he put his thumb on my asshole and started to ease it inside, and the difference of being able to actually feel it took away any desire to keep playing with myself. I moved my hands to hold behind my knees and let him work on me with his fingers awhile. Lifting my legs and watching him enter me, I let myself feel the pain I usually try to ignore, the stretching, the fullness. As he eased out and back in a few more times, I was so turned on looking at my unused cunt finally starting to get wet. He looked surprised when I tucked my knees behind my shoulders and spread myself open so he could get deeper. He was still gentle with me but pushed as deep as he could and rocked my hips while never breaking eye contact. He took my hand and pushed hard on my stomach to feel him moving in and out of me. It was so close and romantic.

By the time he was ready to finish I was actually starting to feel about as much pleasure as I was pain. I was nowhere near orgasm and might never get there, but I’m really looking forward to him coming home tonight to try again and I’m newly invigorated to ignore the random excitement I get between my legs.

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Forum: Approaching the Topic of Anal Only With a New Relationship

An Anal Only Lifestyle forum member with MRKH, a developmental disorder results in the vaginal not fully forming and thus being impossible to have vaginal sex, posts an update asking for advice about telling a new boyfriend that she can only have anal sex.

I’m very new to dating. But I met someone back around Halloween. And we have gone on a couple of dates. We’re both students of our schedules don’t know what is Meetup the best, but I haven’t been seeing anyone else another as a as far as I know. He knows that I am a virgin. And finding a college guy that’s not slightly terrified of that fact is actually an impressive feat, but I don’t know how to go about bringing up the subject of wanting to have anal sex with him. It’s the only kind of sex I can have , outside of oral ofcourse. I just don’t know how to approach the situation. I don’t know if I need to tell him now about my personal situation, if I wait, if I just pretend that it’s not a big deal…

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Reddit: Cleaning Before Anal

Are that many people doing a lot of prep before anal? Almost every thread I read there is talk of preparation, enemas etc..

My wife and I have been AO for 6 years now and I don’t think there has once been any sort of preparation on her end

He gets an assortment of responses, a selection of which are included below:

We are anal only, with my gf in vaginal chastity. We only do anal once or twice a week and she always gets enema when I decide to go condom-less. We have sexualised enemas itself and I administer it to her from time to time. I can’t even comprehend the idea of condom-less anal without proper prep.

Same here, no special prep. It’s extremely rare for there to be any mess when we have anal. Unless I’ve just had exceptional good luck with anal sex, I think the risk of mess is pretty overblown in most people’s minds. Obviously avoid doing it when there is something amiss like a stomach upset etc but we’re at it multiple times a week and I can’t remember the last time there was the slightest issue.

I’ve been AO for a long time and my prep is generally just so oil before hand. A good diet is the best for avoiding incidents.

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Discussion: My Wife is Suddenly Obsessed With Anal Sex

Dear Reverend,
My wife and I have been together for eight years. She’s suddenly become obsessed with having anal sex. The idea has always kind of grossed me out, so I’ve never tried it. I’m willing to give it a shot, but I’m worried that I’ll hurt her. Any tips?
Anally Anxious (male, 35)

Dear Anally Anxious,
First off, congratulations. Hearing about a long-term couple who wants to try new things and keep their sex life spicy warms the cockles of my heart.

Anal sex isn’t anything to freak out about. It might seem icky to some because we’re accustomed to the anus as an exit route for poop — but it’s also another hole we can stick things in for fun. Nothing gross should happen as long as there’s no train waiting to leave the station and the tracks are clean, if you know what I’m sayin’.

He then proceeds to provide a good but simple overview of advice on how to approach anal play and anal sex for mutual enjoyment. It’s always good to see anal positivity spreading openly in more traditional forms of media.

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