Merry Anal Only Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone in the anal only lifestyle, whether actively practicing, anal only in the past, or merely curious! May it be a wonderful Christmas for all of you.

And for those who are interested in being receptively anal only but haven’t yet given it a try, this can be a good opportunity to give a last minute Christmas gift to your partner—tell them that you want to try going anal only with them for a while and that they can fuck you in the ass every time. A month or two is usually a good amount of time to get started to work out the kinks, after which it becomes quite easy to just keep going anal only. Or if you really want to dive into it, you can join our upcoming Anal Only 2020 challenge! (Stay tuned for more information about that in a few days!)

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One response to “Merry Anal Only Christmas”

  1. Stephen says:

    I have fond memories of having balls deep anal on Christmas Eve. What a better place the world would be if not only did all couples have anal sex but it was practically mandatory to passionately buttfuck at least once over the Christmas holiday.

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