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2019 Anal Only Lifestyle Roundup

Read our previous roundup for 2018 here.

Following Tumblr’s porn ban in late 2018, the future of the Anal Only Lifestyle community was somewhat up in the air and unknown at the start of this year. Fortunately, things have settled into their new routine and we have have continued nearly as before even without Tumblr.

This blog, as you no doubt know, has continued to exist off Tumblr as a standalone blog and is actually posting more consistently now than before, and still gets reader interaction and hundreds of daily users reading the new posts and browsing the archives. The loss of the Tumblr community has impacted the reader interaction to some extent, because replies and messages were so ingrained into the Tumblr ecosystem, so we’re still trying to get more readers to send messages and write comments (seriously, if you have anything to say or ask, please feel free!) but it’s gone rather well considering the major platform shift. We also created a comprehensive Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle as part of the blog, which has extensive resources on how to prepare for and enjoy anal sex, what the anal only lifestyle is, reasons why anal sex and going anal only is better than including vaginal sex in your sex life, and how to go anal only, etc. Be sure to check it out!

The Anal Only Lifestyle forum continues to exist as it always has, with slow but continuing conversation. With over 10,000 posts in its archives, many people end up reading through old posts rather than starting new conversations, but it can still be a great way to share your experiences and talk with others who have similar interests. If you haven’t already, please consider registering and introducing yourself and adding your opinions to some of the many topics there.

Our subreddit, /r/analonlylifestyle, has quite a bit of activity on it of late as well, some of which gets featured here, but you should go check it out and join if you’re a Reddit user.

The major hub of community activity is the Anal Only Lifestyle Discord server, which allows for realtime chat. With over 2,000 members, you can easily find people to talk to most of the time in here, and there are dozens of regulars that hang out daily. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t, or stop back in and say hi if you’ve been away for a while.

We’ve been gradually shifting our porn blogs off Tumblr and onto Bdsmlr, which has been improving significantly over the past year. For links, check out our Anal Only Porn Blogs page, which lists both ours and other anal only-themed porn blogs and where they’ve moved to.

And finally, we also launched a Patreon page for the Anal Only Lifestyle this year, which helps to support not only our hosting costs but all the time spent managing and producing content for everyone. If you enjoy this community and the content that comes out of it, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

So, what’s next? In 2020, we’re planning to return to daily posting on this blog, rather than every other day. But that means we also need your help! Please share all your questions, stories, comments, concerns and more. If you come across good anal articles or posts online, be sure to share them too. Posting daily requires a lot of content, and the more that you, our readers, share with us, the more we can post for everyone to enjoy reading. Consistently, people have said that their favorite part of the blog is reading about other people’s experiences and goals, so don’t hesitate to share yours.

We will be continuing our twice annual anal only challenge months, Anal Only April and No Pussy November, as well as hosting a few more special challenges from time to time. And, of course, we’re encouraging people to make the commitment just beyond a month and go anal only for 2020—and beyond, into the new decade for a pure anal only future moving forward.

The anal only porn blogs on Bdsmlr will be continuing to come back online and getting more active, with frequent posting schedules and in some cases the old archives from Tumblr being re-queued for new enjoyment.

As for other changes and improvements, we’d like to hear from you. What would you like to see?

Why Anal Only vs. Anal Always?

Some people hesitate when considering the idea of going anal only, even if they prefer anal sex and consider themselves anal always by always having anal every time they have sex, but sometimes including vaginal penetration as foreplay or part of sex as well and not wanting to exclude it completely.

In general, yes, the more anal you have, the better. But being anal only isn’t just about more anal, it’s also about not having vaginal sex. At all. And there’s a good reason for that:

The longer you go without vaginal sex and focus exclusively on anal, the better the anal gets and the more intensely pleasurable it becomes. Partly this is because you’re excluding your previous sexual center and allowing your body to adjust to a new pleasure source without distracting and confusing it by going back and forth, and partly it’s the mental aspect and excitement of knowing you’re only having anal sex going forward.

It’s one of those things that you kind of just have to try in order to understand it. So, if you haven’t already, the best way is to try going anal only for a few months to give yourself enough time to adjust to it and start to see the benefits. If you can make it past a month, chances are you’ll start to understand why it’s such a popular thing and will start to want to stay anal only long term.

Message: Anal Only New Year

Annie: I liked your post about going Anal Only for the new year and new decade and it inspired me to try it! I’ve experimented with it off and on before but never really committed, but it’s like my biggest fantasy and dream to never have vaginal sex again and only do anal, so I want to take it seriously this time.

I think part of why it was harder for me before is that I didn’t have a boyfriend who wanted it as much as I did and they always drifted back to my pussy eventually and I didn’t stop them. But I just started seeing this guy who is really into my ass and we’ve done anal twice now but no vaginal, and he says he only does vaginal if a girl wants it but doesn’t like it himself. I think that’s really hot, and I really like him, so I told him about this idea and if we stay together I think it will be pretty easy for me to stay away from my pussy.

Anyway, I just wanted to share and say how excited I am to commit to the anal only lifestyle for real this time and hopefully (my pussy is dripping wet saying this) never go back to vaginal. I hope you get lots of other girls and couples making the commitment too!

Finding the right partner can be key to making an anal only commitment work, and it sounds like you’ve scored with your new guy. People who strongly believe in anal only are wonderful and to be cherished.

It sounds like you really want it as well, so between the two of you, I’m sure you’ll have no problem at all committing to pure anal only going forward and can work to quickly make vaginal a thing of the past for the both of you.

I, too, hope that many others join you in committing to a new year and a new decade of anal only and moving past vaginal sex.

Forum: (Re)Attempting Anal Only

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been here since my current partner isn’t anal only. He definitely enjoys vaginal, and has tended towards that mainly. I’ve been encouraging more anal, and not being very subtle especially recently, with sharing lots of anal porn and thoughts. I think I’ve got him where he might consider an anal only trial, so on Christmas I’ll be asking him if we can go anal only for a week and see what we think. If the week goes well, I’ll shoot for a month next time.

Then, a day later:

That went better than I thought, didn’t really have to convince him at all. So a week now, then we’ll discuss and see about going longer. Thanks for the support!

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Merry Anal Only Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone in the anal only lifestyle, whether actively practicing, anal only in the past, or merely curious! May it be a wonderful Christmas for all of you.

And for those who are interested in being receptively anal only but haven’t yet given it a try, this can be a good opportunity to give a last minute Christmas gift to your partner—tell them that you want to try going anal only with them for a while and that they can fuck you in the ass every time. A month or two is usually a good amount of time to get started to work out the kinks, after which it becomes quite easy to just keep going anal only. Or if you really want to dive into it, you can join our upcoming Anal Only 2020 challenge! (Stay tuned for more information about that in a few days!)

Forum: No Clit Stimulation Challenge

Hello, my wife, Mrs. Canassman, and I have been Anal Only for several years now, but she and I have decided to see how a period of time without clit stimulation goes. Lately we’ve realized that she can squirt and that’s been a fun addition to our sex life. Normally she can have several small squirting orgasms in succession. However, with clit play she can just have one BIG orgasm and then she’s done. This period of time is to see if it alters her orgasms in any particular way, in addition she prefers to be a submissive in the bedroom and this allows her to play this fantasy out as well. For our purposes she won’t be touching her clit or stimulating it in any way at all. Nor can I stimulate her clit to orgasm either. In her submissive role she has declared that I can do anything else to her.

I’m also looking for some advice though – I love eating her pussy and I don’t get enough time for it as far as either of us are concerned. I’m thinking that I can eat her pussy still as long as I don’t bring her to orgasm. In fact it could be a lot like edging her pussy – getting her soaking wet and aroused but then taking her ass. On some sessions I’m thinking of eating her pussy but also not touching her clit at all. I feel I’m following the letter of the law in this regard, but wondering if others feel this is ok or is it not fully taking on the no clit challenge? thoughts?

Canassman, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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Why It’s Better to Identify as Anal Only Even Without a Partner

I often talk with women who agree that anal sex is best and would love to go anal only with a partner, but who don’t want to limit guys who might want vaginal as well. This generally relates to a submissive dynamic where they want guys to be able to have whatever they want sexually and getting pleasure and satisfaction from being able to provide that to a man.

However, there’s value in not only taking a stand for one’s own needs and preferences, but also in helping guys come around to the anal only lifestyle too. Many guys have a natural preference for anal sex and would love the idea of being anal only but haven’t really considered the idea yet outside of fantasy, if that. As such, they often worry they’d be judged or rejected if they prioritized anal too much or wanted to exclude vaginal altogether, and generally don’t voice the desire to do so.

Because of that, and because some haven’t even tried or considered the idea yet, even though they’d really like it, it can be valuable, if it’s a goal of your own to be anal only, to voice that to your partners and actually talk about it, and encourage them to go anal only with you and that they don’t need to be obligated to have vaginal sex with you if they’d prefer to just do anal.

And of course, if you feel more strongly about being anal only and vaginal is not an option for you at all, you should be clear about that as well, and make sure new partners know that you’re not open to vaginal sex, only anal.

Message: Anal Only Education

Daddy D: What is the best way to educate my princess about why anal sex is better for her then vaginal sex? And do you have any literature on why clitoral orgasms are bad for her?

We have a lot of resources on exactly those topics and more in our Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle. I’d suggest that you both read through those and discuss them together, and then follow up here with any further questions if you have any.

Good luck!

Discussion: How do you prepare for frequent random anal sex?

That’s the question a Quora user asks, receiving the following replies:

Me I have regular guys that screw me every week so I know the day and time so I have a chance to prepare and I do a wash it’s not a complete enema I only wash the part I will be using,but more importantly is I stretch my anus twice a day with a graduating size glass plug that opens my anus up to 5 inches wide,this helps a lot when I do a DP and that I do 2times a week.

This is not a practice that should be rushed into if not had experience of it, if I know if I am partaking in in an event with the possibility of anal I want it to be painless and enjoyable, to achieve this I normally wear one of my butt plugs for the majority y the day and lub myself up before hand

Both responses get to the essential point: warm up gradually and stretch your anal muscles with plugs and other toys before having sex, keeping them relaxed and ready, and you’ll be prepared for frequent anal at any time. Additionally, the more frequently you have anal sex, the easier it gets to do regularly.

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Message: Evolving to Anal Only

Laura: Hi, I’m Laura, 32, married for 8 years now. My husband and I have two kids, and we’re not planning to have another.

Lately, my husband has been practising anal sex more and more with me. He’s the one who introduced me to it when we met, and we’ve always done it once in a while, but lately he’s doing it much more often, and I can tell he’s much more enthusiastic when he’s doing it (licking or penetrating my hole), whereas he seems reluctant when he’s using my vagina or my clitoris.

I sort of “spied” on him by watching his browser history, and I discovered he watches and reads a lot of anal only content: porn, stories, and message boards. I’m 99% sure he actually posted messages on a board (not yours) telling he couldn’t stand vaginal and clitoral sex any more, to the point it “disgusted” him. People sympathized with him, and encouraged him to make me “evolve” to have anal sex only.

I’ve been really shocked at this, and the next times we had sex, I sort of got disgusted myself when he used my vagina or clit – not because I don’t like it, but because I know how he feels about it. So, I sort of directed him to my asshole instead, and it seemed to arouse him A LOT, resulting to the best, most passionate sex we’ve had in a while.

I thought a lot about it, and I’d like to give anal only a try, because what other options do I have? I love my husband, we’ve got a home, two kids, and I’m still planning to live the rest of my life with him: I can’t leave him for something as trivial as sexual preferences, and I can’t change how he feels about it.

I actually enjoy anal sex, and the latest intercourses we’ve had turned me on more than I expected, so I’m actually eager to try it. But I’m still worried about having only anal sex from now on, it seems to unreal. Will I get sore? How can I make it easier for him to get in, and even more pleasurable? Can I orgasm from it? Can I stop birth control? Will there be effects on my health? My husband has pretty big sexual needs, which even increased since I encouraged him to have anal sex, and he also happens to be rather large, so I’m worried about long term consequences. Also, I know he’s turned off from me touching my clit, what would you recommend to help me cut off the habit and get more anal pleasure?

Thank you.

You sound like a wonderful wife, and your husband is lucky to be with you. Not only are you interested in trying to go anal only, something that he clearly wants and prefers, but you’re excited to explore it together with him and learn how to best enjoy it for yourself as well. I think anal only is going to go very well for the two of you and you’ll find that you won’t want to return to vaginal sex.

I suggest being open with him and talking about it. Let him know that you can tell he prefers anal and ask if he would like to try going anal only together. Then, you can figure out together how best to do it.

You might get sore at first if you’re doing it every day all of a sudden, so try for two or three times a week to begin with, and give him a blowjob other times, then increase the frequency from there after a week or two, so that your ass can adjust to it.

With practice and more frequent anal sex, as well as anal masturbation with dildos and butt plugs, you will start to relax and open up for him more easily and require less preparation and warmup before having anal sex. It’s one of those things where the more often you do it, the easier and better it gets.

It’s definitely possible to orgasm from pure anal sex. Everyone’s a little different, and it’s easier for some than for others, but with practice you should be able to get there. Avoiding clitoral stimulation and becoming increasingly aroused by going multiple sessions without orgasm can help a lot as well. Focus on what sensations feel really good during anal sex and keep doing those to try and get the pleasure to build to an orgasm.

Many people do stop using other forms of birth control once going anal only, and find that anal sex is a very effective form of natural birth control for them. It can help to eliminate the negative effects of hormonal birth control, while also solidifying them in the anal only lifestyle. Care should be taken to avoid semen running from the anus into the vagina after sex, but the chance of accidental impregnation from this is very low, and many people successfully use anal sex as their preferred birth control.

There are no long term negative health effects from anal sex, when done properly with the appropriate warmup and preparation to avoid injury. If it hurts, you probably need to be warming up more first. If there’s any bleeding, you should stop and take a break for a few days to heal. But otherwise, you’ll be perfectly fine, even having anal sex every day. As stated above, the more you do it, the better it gets, and with frequent anal sex, your anal muscles stay more relaxed and flexible and you can have bigger, harder, deeper anal sex without issue or discomfort when you’re doing it regularly.

As for working towards clitoral denial, I’d suggest focusing on playing with your nipples or rubbing and fingering your ass when you’re horny, rather than touching your clit. Masturbation should become anal penetration with fingers and toys. During sex, if you find it hard to resist your clit, you could apply numbing creams like Orajel to your clit to temporarily remove sensation for the duration of your sexual activity. Some women enjoy having no sensation there at all and apply numbing creams throughout the day to help keep their focus on their ass.

It sounds like you have a very fun adventure ahead of you, and I wish you the best of luck, and invite you to continue following up as you progress through the anal only lifestyle and have more to share or other questions to ask.