Message: I Can’t Believe I Waited So Long To Go Anal Only

Anonymous: My husband and I agreed to try anal only together this month for No Pussy November. He brought up the idea, though I’d heard of anal only before. I thought it sounded fun but never tried it. We do lots of anal already and I thought the usual things: why limit myself? Surely doing everything is better than just doing anal, right?

Well, I can tell you, after a few weeks anal only I realize I was wrong about that, just doing anal every time, and doing it as often as we can, it’s so much more enjoyable than doing it only on occasion and mostly focusing on vaginal. I know a lot of women have said similar things on your blog (I’ve been reading the archives a lot since I started!) but it’s true: I don’t miss having my pussy fucked at all and I’m orgasming from anal more easily and just craving anal all the time.

It’s honestly amazing. I wish I had done this years ago.

If you’ve read my blog archives, you probably realize that this is not an uncommon sentiment once women who already love anal try going anal only for a while. Sometimes it can be harder at first, but most people end up at this point of realization that anal is so much better that they should just focus on it and move past vaginal completely. It sounds like you’re there. I’m glad it’s been such a revelation, and I hope that once the month is over, you’ll decide to stay anal only for good and not return to vaginal.

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