Month: November 2019

Reddit: No Clit Challenge Update, Part 2

So since last time we’ve had a couple of fairly unremarkable quickies, but one time from the weekend was worth mentioning.

We started off fooling around as usual before I suggested we use tape (which I’d already craftily placed under the bed) to reinforce her no clit discipline. She agreed, so once she got naked the first thing I did was to apply a strip over her pussy and cover everything up. I rubbed it firmly down to make sure it was well attached and joked that I didn’t want to rub too hard in case I accidentally got her clit going. She keeps herself smooth apart from a small patch of hair above her slit, so tape tearing hair out wasn’t an issue but she was still afraid it would hurt coming off.

Once I was happy that her pussy was suitably restricted, I flipped her over and rimmed her ass for a while until she was nice and relaxed before slipping a short fat silicone plug into her tight hole.

Then I had her on her knees sucking my cock for a bit, while I worked the plug in and out off her ass a few times to get her nice and ready to take me in there later.. and gave her some light spanking for good measure.

She was getting really turned on by now, so before long she asked for cock in her ass and I was happy to oblige!

She got on her back with her legs raised up and her hands reaching down to spread herself for me. I pulled the plug out for the last time… but before I began to fuck her ass, I had an idea… I quickly put the plug in her mouth before taking a bit more tape and securing it there to gagging her with it! This was a bit kinkier than our usual play, and her eyes went wide with surprise but she didn’t object and the noises she started making were muffled but encouraging.

I stood back for a moment to look at the scene… it was incredible! Seeing her with her useless, denied pussy taped shut and her mouth filled with the plug straight from her ass while her hands were still eagerly spreading her cheeks open to display her lubed and ready asshole was just a thing of beauty!

Finally, I went to work on the hole I’d been craving all evening, pumping my cock deep inside her anus while gently but firmly holding one hand on her throat and using the other to caress her tits and play with her hard nipples. She was clearly enjoying everything about this, with her eyes closed and her back arching as she pushed her ass toward me in time with my thrusts as we worked together to bring her toward her climax.

I was surprised by how quick she came this time… within a few minutes she began to convulse and moan into her buttplug gag as her eyes rolled back and her legs began to quiver – at last! I thought – an “easy” fully anal only orgasm with absolutely no pussy or clit!

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Message: I Can’t Believe I Waited So Long To Go Anal Only

Anonymous: My husband and I agreed to try anal only together this month for No Pussy November. He brought up the idea, though I’d heard of anal only before. I thought it sounded fun but never tried it. We do lots of anal already and I thought the usual things: why limit myself? Surely doing everything is better than just doing anal, right?

Well, I can tell you, after a few weeks anal only I realize I was wrong about that, just doing anal every time, and doing it as often as we can, it’s so much more enjoyable than doing it only on occasion and mostly focusing on vaginal. I know a lot of women have said similar things on your blog (I’ve been reading the archives a lot since I started!) but it’s true: I don’t miss having my pussy fucked at all and I’m orgasming from anal more easily and just craving anal all the time.

It’s honestly amazing. I wish I had done this years ago.

If you’ve read my blog archives, you probably realize that this is not an uncommon sentiment once women who already love anal try going anal only for a while. Sometimes it can be harder at first, but most people end up at this point of realization that anal is so much better that they should just focus on it and move past vaginal completely. It sounds like you’re there. I’m glad it’s been such a revelation, and I hope that once the month is over, you’ll decide to stay anal only for good and not return to vaginal.

Message: Advice for Anal Without Lube

Ana: Hi! Me and my bf love anal and we’ve considered getting rid of lube, but it’s still a bit too painful. Do you have any tips for anal sex without lube?

Some form of lubrication is nearly always going to be needed for anal, whether natural or artificial. People produce a little bit of natural anal lubricant, which on its own is usually not sufficient for sex, but some people do produce it in greater quantities and find they need little to no additional lubrication.

If it hurts without lube, I would suggest that indicates that you still need to use additional lubrication, but you could explore gradually reducing the amount that you use, as well as using other forms of lubrication rather than artificial lube.

For example, there are some people who only lubricate with saliva from oral sex before starting and going ass to mouth as needed throughout to relubricate. Others use vaginal lubricant as an anal lubricant.

So I would suggest trying something along those lines and seeing if it works for you. If, over time, you find you need less of that, you can continue to ease off it too. As with most things relating to anal sex, gradual change is best.

Anal Only is the Secret to a Healthy Relationship

Actually, the secret is communication, and communication is essential to developing an anal only relationship that is mutually satisfying and rewarding, but the fact that anal and anal only requires and encourages good communication can help the relationship as a whole.

Beyond that, however, it’s no coincidence that couples who have trouble with intimacy and their sex life in general often turn to anal, and find that it changes things for the better for everyone.

Not only can anal be more mutually physically satisfying, though it certainly is that, there’s also the thrill it sparks by knowing that you and your partner have a wonderful, sexy secret together that you share, knowing that when you have sex, it’s only going to be anal.

The need for communication and trust to make anal mutually enjoyable boosts your intimacy and makes anal sex feel so much more connected and intimate compared to vaginal, which makes the whole experience so much more intense and wonderful.

All these things combine to create a more full and wholesome sex life, which in turn carries over into the rest of your relationship and enhances everything. That’s not to say that anal sex is a magic cure all for everything, but going anal only can be a key part of a healthy sex life and a healthy relationship. Give it a try today if you haven’t. And if you have, share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments!

Reddit: No Clit Challenge Update

I’ve posted before that my gf, who originally initiated our move to AO penetration, has agreed to try going entirely pussy free and stop using clit stimulation to cum when we have anal sex. (I haven’t penetrated her vaginally for a whole year now and have been giving her clit less and less attention myself too as my interest has shifted entirely to anal).

Here’s the latest!

So the last time my gf had a clitoral orgasm was about two weeks ago. Since then her pussy and clit have been entirely ignored every time we have sex and she has not masturbated her clit or pussy either.

In this time we’ve had sex 5 times but she has only cum properly during one session so far, although she has been really turned on and hornier than usual due to the denial aspect.

I don’t think either of us realised how much she had been using her clit during our anal sex for the last year… she admitted most of her anal orgasms with me have involved some level of touching herself “round the front” and now we’ve started clit denial she is struggling to avoid the impulse to reach for the easy button to tip herself over…

But she is still committed to continuing the experiment for now and I’m determined to make it work for her too because I find the sex with complete pussy/clit exclusion incredibly more satisfying. I absolutely love fucking her ass and looking down at her empty, untouched pussy. Especially when she gets so wet there that I can feel it lubing her ass up. It’s like her pussy is so desperate to be fucked that it’s actually helping me keep it empty by accident. Urrrgh! It’s just so hot. I can’t even describe how good the thought of making that a long-term thing is!

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Message: Trans Vaginal Virgin

Liza: Hi! Wanted to thank you so much for this blog and spreading anal only awareness <3! I’m a trans woman who had never lost my penile virginity, and me and my bf discussed continuing that after I get Sexual Reassignment Surgery. I’m really into the idea, and totally recommend other trans women into anal consider it! (Do remember to dilate though!)

Thanks for the message!

I think that’s a great idea, and really encourage it if it appeals to you. It makes perfect sense, really—if being anal only is something that you’ve always been and really identify with, why would you want to change that after getting a vagina?

Something that several other anal only trans women have brought up in the past is the idea of having SRS with a decorative vulva created, but not actually focusing on full functional construction with an actual vaginal canal. I don’t know whether this is something anyone has actually done, or whether it’s something surgeons will do, but it’s an interesting idea as well for those who are really committed to the idea of anal only and aren’t overly concerned about a fully functional vagina.

Whatever the goal in that regard, I recommend anal only for everyone interested!

Message: Introducing a Girl to Anal Sex

Anonymous: I’m a young guy who’s always been exclusively into anal sex: I discovered sex through porn, and vaginal and clitoral action became major turn-offs very quickly for me. I never did vaginal nor touched a clit, and I want it to stay that way.

So far, I met all my partners through online dating sites, making extremely clear I’m into strict anal only (I can’t even stand it if a woman touches her clit during sex). I’m athletic, good looking and well endowed, and I’m open to different types of women provided they’re anal only, so I never had trouble getting laid so far.

At college, there’s this younger girl who’s very much into me, and who made very clear she’d like me to take her virginity and “teach her” how to fuck. She’s smart, funny, very hot, but she doesn’t know I’m anal only. We sort of kissed and messed around (no sex), and she seems to be quite submissive when hot.

On one hand, I really want to fuck her and “train” her, educate her into strict anal sex, and date her in the long term. I’m pretty sure she won’t freak out when I tell her I’m anal only (I touched her there through her clothes while she fondled my cock through my jeans, and she seemed to like it, she didn’t mind her crotch being left untouched). Her being a complete virgin makes me REALLY hot.

On the other hand, I never introduced a girl to anal sex, I always dated experienced women who knew what they wanted, so I’m uncertain what to do (I’m thinking about foreplay and licking and fingering her asshole gently for a start). And I sort of feel responsible for her, so even though the idea to get her into strict anal sex is incredibly hot to me, I’m wondering if her first sexual experience shouldn’t be more “standard”.

Thank you for your blog, which I knew from tumblr, and thanks in advance for your reply.

I encourage introducing her to it, provided she’s into the idea and willing to try. Talk with her about it, and be open about your needs and desires, so she knows up front what you expect from a partner and is fully informed going into it.

If she is willing, be sure to take it slow with her and really ease her into it while making sure to focus on her enjoyment and pleasure. Get her to love and crave it, and your pleasure will join hers soon enough.

As for a concern about her being introduced to anal first vs. vaginal, there are plenty of women who start with anal and stick with it for a long time before even trying vaginal, and there’s been a growing trend among younger women to go straight to anal only for a variety of reasons, which I encourage and think is a good thing, so I see no issue with starting her right out with anal only if she’s interested in trying it.

But, communicate and make it something that you explore together as partners, if you do go down that route. Good luck!

Why You As A Man Should Give Up Vaginal Sex

Much of the content on this blog is oriented to women, or those who receive anal sex. But just as important are those who are giving anal sex to their partners—if they aren’t interested in being anal only or feel they still need vaginal sex, it’s hard to make an anal only lifestyle work very well!

In fact, when asked why they haven’t gone anal only women yet, women interested in the lifestyle often answer that if it were up to them, they would, but that their partners still want to have vaginal sex some of the time. Seems surprising, right? The conventional wisdom is that men all want anal sex and that it’s women who don’t, but the reality often is that many women are more open to anal and even to going anal only, but their male partners are more sexually conservative or just think that they’ll miss something or be limited by excluding vaginal as an option.

The reality is that while everyone is different, most people find that after going anal only for a while, they don’t actually miss pussy much. Anal offers all the pleasure and more, combined with increased aesthetic appeal, stronger intimacy, plenty of opportunities for fun variety, and unique benefits like natural birth control. Unlike vaginal, anal is something that gets more fun the more you do it and done right, never gets boring. Anal only couples often talk about how before they went anal only, sex had gotten boring, but now even decades after going anal only, it still has a strong spark that excites them.

Other common concerns include hygiene and the need for preparation before sex. With some simple dietary adjustments and a basic cleaning routine, the former is fairly well mitigated, and preparation can be kept fairly minimal as well with a frequent anal play and sex routine as well as the use of butt plugs. Most such complaints result from having too little anal sex, not from having it more often.

Give it a try for yourself and find out: go anal only for a month or two and commit fully to the experience while you’re in it: you’ll see before long that giving up vaginal sex and going anal only is well worth the initial effort.

Message: Anal Fisting

Max & Nata: So, my wife and I are both 32, we’ve been married for 4 years, and about a year ago we have arrived to an unspoken arrangement that I only fist her pussy and I only fuck her ass (don’t know if this counts as anal only lol, but we’re both happy with that). She loves being fisted and says it’s the best thing ever – she also loves anal, and we do about 50/50 between these two (we also do oral, spanking etc., but we almost always finish with either anal or fisting, or both).

I’ve lately been trying to talk to her about anal fisting, as it’s something that is interesting to try – but she only said “maybe later” and was pretty elusive about it in general. I think it’s obvious that she’s a bit scared. She also says she doesn’t love fingers up her ass as much as she loves my dick and toys in there, because fingers don’t go as deep as she wants. She has some toys to use up her ass, and she uses buttplugs when I fist her — we recently bought another one that’s bigger than my penis in width.

The question is – should I be persistent with trying anal fisting, or maybe leave it as it is? Obviously I don’t want to do anything that she doesn’t want, but maybe there are some arguments I’m missing that can help convince her to try? Or maybe it’s I who’s missing something and should be happy with what I have?

Also, other thing with that is that she’s worried about is that if we do a lot of anal fisting, her ass can become stretched out and not as tight as it is now (her pussy being loose was one of the reasons we switched to anal only). To be completely honest, this concerns me a bit as well.

So, if you have any tips or comments, or experience to share about anal fisting, we’d be happy and grateful to hear it (she knows about this post and she will read the answer too). Maybe there’s a way we can work towards it without using fingers too much?

Thanks a lot for your blog and for the answer. Sorry if my English is a bit weird, not my primary language.

First of all, “anal only” means a variety of different things for a lot of different people, but the fundamental element is that you don’t have vaginal intercourse and have fully replaced it with anal. There are those who still use toys or other forms of vaginal penetration but who identify as anal only, so I think if being anal only is something that appeals to you, you can consider your arrangement to fit within that definition. I think there can be some additional benefits to going fully anal only for some people, and generally encourage at least trying that too, but everyone is different and different things work for different people.

As for wanting to try anal fisting, it sounds like she’s expressed some of her concerns already. Are those her only hesitations, or does she have others as well?

Not liking fingering as much as sex is not uncommon, but fisting is different from fingering and provides much more of a stretch and can go deeper as well, so I would encourage her to think of them as different things and not to write off anal fisting just because she doesn’t like fingers on their own as much. It’s an entirely different experience.

Fear of stretching and becoming loose is a common concern that isn’t that rooted in reality. Injury can cause muscles to become weaker, but “stretching” anal muscles is actually exercising them and frequent use can help them become stronger. What people equate with being loose is actually an increased elasticity that allows them to expand larger, but they still stay tight and closed when not in use. There may be short term looseness after for a few hours, but things tend to return to normal quickly. And even the increased elasticity is not something that happens overnight, so it’s something that you can start to explore and see how it progresses for the both of you. Chances are you’ll both find that it does not negatively affect your enjoyment of sex at all. Exercises like kegels can also help to further strengthen and “tighten” anal muscles.

But if she’s also just afraid of trying it, why not sit down and talk about it together and discuss her fears and concerns and whether she’s interested despite being afraid and what you can do to help relieve some of those fears. Remind her of how rewarding vaginal fisting ended up being for her and with the pleasure and intensity of anal how great it could end up being as well.

Good luck to the both of you!

No Pussy November 2019 is Half Over!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the month!

If you haven’t had a chance to start participating in No Pussy November yet, it’s not too late to begin. Stop having vaginal sex or masturbating with vaginal penetration now and shift to just anal for the rest of the month (and beyond, if you find that you enjoy it). The benefits of going anal only usually show themselves after about a month, once you get past the initial challenges, so stick with it! If you’re already anal only but would like to take part in No Pussy November anyway, you can work towards a new goal, like anal only orgasms without clit stimulation, long term butt plug wear, double anal, etc. If you already regularly enjoy double anal, try doing daily double anal for the month, or going double anal only as some women are doing.

If you have been taking part in No Pussy November, send us a message and let us know how things have been going! Whether you just want to update us and share your adventures and excitement, or if you need advice or encouragement to keep going, all messages and questions are welcome!

Stick with it! Together we can all go anal only!