Message: How to Teach Anal Only?

Anonymous: We are an anal only couple and we would like to introduce our children to the anal only lifestyle as well but we don’t know how we should do it. Do you think this is appropriate, and how much should we talk about? We don’t want to force them in any direction, we just want to be open about the lifestyle and why it’s been a good choice for us and that we think it’s good for others too.

Of course. Sex education is a healthy, positive and very beneficial thing for parents to provide to their children, and when something like the anal only lifestyle has been such a positive thing in one’s life, it’s only natural to want to pass on education about it to their children as well. It’s completely reasonable to encourage its practice and mention its benefits, or even to say that you yourself practice it as well. Ultimately, of course, it’s each person’s choice, but there’s nothing wrong with encouraging something that you think is in their best interest.

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One response to “Message: How to Teach Anal Only?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I fully agree.
    Also I believe anal only masturbation is very important to be taught by Parents first of all.

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