Message: Vagina as Lube Dispenser

Anonymous: Thank you for publishing this amazing blog with great content and helpful sex advice!

There is however one function of the vagina that you may have overlooked, namely to act as a lube dispenser for the anus. My girlfriend gets very wet when we make out, and is very easy to have anal sex with – she’s often clean down there and relaxed. So I just dip my penis in the pussy – for no longer than necessary – just to make it wet and lubed up, and then move to the ass. With this technique, we can enjoy very spontaneous anal sex without much preparation.

The vagina as a source of lube is commonly used by those who practice the anal only lifestyle, though typically not through penis-in-vagina penetration, as many choose to avoid that entirely. The same effect can be achieved through non-penetrative contact. If this works well for you, however, and is what you prefer, go for it.

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3 responses to “Message: Vagina as Lube Dispenser”

  1. washcloth says:

    “she’s often clean down there and relaxed.”

    I appreciated the word “often” rather then “always”. Even with the best of intentions, cleanliness may not be maintained due to, say, flatulence or maybe simple leakage. Sometimes I’ll need to return to the toilet after a short time and find myself unwilling to wash a second time. And if you’re not home, then washing may not be practical at all.

    (Some anal enthusiasts seem to prefer that their partners not wash.)

    Basic easy (very erotic) washing: Performed while naked in a semi-crouch after thorough wiping using a wet washcloth. Use the other hand to pull one buttock aside for better “access”. Rinse and repeat a few times.

    I’ve noticed that people using public showers don’t seem to actually wash inside their intergluteal cleft. They don’t go beyond letting the water roll down their backside which I doubt has any potential for cleaning the anal area which, after all, is usually trapped between two (in my case, flabby) buttocks. A showering friend once saw me bend over and separate my two buttocks to accept the shower water where it would do the most good, and also rub my anus. He said “What’s that all about?” and I replied “Either you’re going to clean it or you’re not!” I hope people are doing a better job in their home showers, and I guess this is just an example of the anal taboo.

    My own position: I do have an anus and I do intend to clean it–or not!

  2. Stephen says:

    A VERY sexy happening is when one is having anal sex with a woman and she has (the usual) intense anal orgasm and her pussy starts dripping juice. This, first of all, is a response to anal orgasm but also looks like the vagina is confused and is releasing lube for vaginal intercourse. Thankfully, the woman is woke sexually and knows her ravishingly sexy ass is her true sex organ that brought the man to her and gives her pleasure and this makes pussy look like a confused clown of an organ. Female ass is for love and pussy is for anal lube, mockery and comic relief, and to be ignored.

  3. wendellneece says:

    Before we became bipedal, both the vagina and the anus were in the rear end and “doggie” was the obligate sexual position. Over time, after we descended from the trees, the vagina has migrated more toward the front, but the brain still seems to respond to the rear end sexual trigger.

    Some girls were once angered because they thought I was looking at their rear ends. I was embarrassed, but the female rear end is certainly a valid erotic trigger from a science viewpoint and actual experience.

    If I’d been better informed, I would have advised these girls to look at the science and then re-evaluate male responses.

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