Month: July 2019

Message: Guys in Straight Porn That Prefer Anal to Vaginal

Anonymous: I was wondering how many straight guys in porn prefer anal to vaginal. I know a while back you had a post about woman in porn that preferred anal to vaginal. It would be interesting to see how many guys in porn like anal over vaginal.

Information on that is much less available, because the porn industry is still so focused on a male audience and makes interviews and personal information about female porn actors widely available, while male porn actors still tend to largely blend into the background and not share their own personalities or interests publicly in the same manner.

It’s an interesting question, though, and it would be interesting to explore more if there were more information available.

Forum: Anal Only 2019 Update

From LuvMyWifesAss on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum:

I wanted to provide everyone an update as to how were’s doing. It’s day 181 of the year, just short of half way through the year. We’re well on track to meet our goal of having anal sex at least 365 times this year. We’ve now had anal sex 208 times. What’s almost as great is that my wife has continued, with only a couple of exceptions, to do it without clitoral stimulation. She’s having more orgasms than ever and her libido seems higher. What’s amazing to us is that we are having some of the best sex of our lives, and more often.

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Message: DIY Butt Plug?

Anonymous: What can I use to make a DIY anal plug? I can’t order online or go to a sex shop. I really want to get into the AO lifestyle but I live with family.

It’s great to hear that you want to go AO, and I’m sorry that you aren’t able to buy anal toys due to your living arrangements. Perhaps you could go to a shop with a friend or have a toy delivered to their house if you aren’t able to have it delivered at home?

Alternatively, you can masturbate anally with your fingers or use vegetables like cucumbers as dildos. Certain thin bottles or pens and markers like Sharpies can work as well.

An Argument for an Anal Only World

While it’s no secret that we are strong advocates in favor of going anal only, we here also strongly respect the fact that everyone is different and that everyone has the right to have whatever sort of sex works best for them personally and they enjoy the most. That said, this article is going to make the argument in favor of a global shift towards everyone becoming anal only and the benefits thereof.

The personal benefits of the anal only lifestyle are well documented already across this blog and through our Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle, particularly in the article Reasons to Go Anal Only & Advantages of Abandoning Vaginal Sex. This article will instead focus on the cultural and societal reasons to go anal only.

Overpopulation is a Global Concern

It’s pretty well established at this point that the Earth is overpopulated, with climate change and other serious environmental and social issues becoming worse as a result. While sex may fundamentally exist for reproductive purposes, humans have repurposed it as a form of mutual pleasure, stress relief, and bonding, only intending it as a reproductive act for a fraction of sexual activity we engage in.

And yet, unwanted pregnancies are still quite a common thing, even with the use of birth control. Birth control isn’t perfect, and it’s easy to mess up or avoid using it due to the hassle or issues that come with it. Therefore, it’s time for anal to become the new norm instead and relegate vaginal for the rare scenario where one actually wants to deliberately become pregnant and have children.

Anal is Natural Birth Control

Expanding on the previous section, birth control has a lot of different negatives associated with it. Condoms are a hassle, often unpleasant, and easy to forget or try to justify not using. (Condoms provide more than just birth control, however, and should absolutely be used if having sex with a new partner who has not been tested to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted infections.) Hormonal birth control can mess up a woman’s libido and mood, or even cause more serious effects for some.

Anal is a natural form of birth control that is highly effective, is an extremely pleasurable and appealing form of sex in its own right, and doesn’t have any of the side effects of other forms of birth control. If anal is your birth control method, and you forego vaginal entirely in favor of it, it’s not something you’re going to forget or try to avoid—it’s something you’ll already love and want, so you’ll want to do it every time.

Societal Harmony Through Anal Sex

Everyone can enjoy anal sex and find the appeal in it, and engaging in it with a trusted partner fosters that trust and a sort of mutual empathy, helping each other become more intimate and better bonded. The more people have anal sex, the closer everyone will become and more accepting and trusting of each other. We live in a time where we could sorely use something to bring us all together again. Let’s let anal sex be that thing.

Forum: Holiday Challenge

User analogue posts on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum:

Hi everyone!

For nearly two years we are a lucky AO-couple. Our problem is, that we have less sex than we want. We have demanding jobs and two kids. It’s hard to find time for ourselves.

But: school holidays began this weekend and we brought the kids to grandma on the countryside, so we are alone for at least two weeks.

This time will be split into:
– working
– eating
– sleeping
– assfucking 
The challenge is to have anal sex at least two times a day. 

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Message: Men Should Choose to be Anal Only Too

John: Hello, I’ve read some post where women choose to have only anal and never had vaginal sex. I think it’s good idea for straight male as well. I was interested in anal sex since my teens when I was a virgin. Later in college i met a girl, she was a virgin too. I didn’t want a relationship with her, so i wasn’t interested in taking her’s vaginal virginity, but wanted to have some casual sex. I convinced her into anal. This was my first sexual experience with other person. Later on I though maybe it’s quite good idea to have anal only. So every with girl I met since, I had either oral, manual or anal but never had “real sex”. I share this story because I truly think we can spread this culture across the world, and if not only women refuse to have vaginal but as well men, this cat get really viral. Many are thinking right now, it’s more complicated to find a partner for casual or serious relationship who would like to have such sexual life. Yes indeed, but you can always have oral or manual instead of vaginal till you date agrees to go anal.

I completely agree, the choice to be anal only and exclude vaginal sex completely benefits everyone, regardless of their gender. Anal is a more rewarding and appealing form of sex, and combining it with vaginal ultimately ends up degrading the purity of pleasure, intimacy, and reward that comes from anal (even if it can still be good).

It’s important not to think of vaginal as “real sex”, which results in thinking of anal as something lesser, which is far from the case. Instead, recognize that anal is just as real as any other form of sex, but vaginal is the least beneficial for everyone, and so is best kept as procreative sex only.

The choice to remain a vaginal virgin has grown in popularity in recent years, especially among women who prefer anal and the idea of staying anal only, but more men are showing that interest as well. If anal is what you want, and vaginal doesn’t interest you, it’s well worth the effort to go straight to pure anal only and never compromise for vaginal sex.

Discussion: I Prefer Anal, How Can I Change This?

A Reddit user asks this unfortunate and misguided question:

It’s been 6 years i didn’t have any long term relationship, because i don’t give myself any opportunity to find a new girl. And here’s why : i’m not sure i will ever be able to find a girl that will fit my sexual preferences. I’m really obsessed with everything that has to do with ass, “even worse”, i like it when it’s nasty and natural (Not into scat, but i really like the scent of ass and pussy, when it’s all natural, it gets me really horny).

One other thing, is that when i’m not comfortable with a girl, i can’t easily get hard. And it’s even harder when i’m not doing stuff that i prefer. Like, typically, when i’m having sex the first times with a girl, she will except from me to penetrate her pussy missionary, and i will hardly have a boner here, because : 1) I’m not that excited with that form of penetration ; 2) Performance anxiety. As soon as i know the girl better, get comfortable with her, i can get hard and have vaginal sex etc.

So i’m avoiding meeting any new girls, just to avoid the embarassment i will have in the bed, when she will know that “i’m weird”, that i can’t get hard with normal vaginal sex. I like eating pussy and ass, 69, all that stuff, but i’m not sure that’s appropriate on a first time.

This sort of attitude is the result of the shame and fear that comes from the society we live in, where so many still believe that unless you conform to the norm of wanting vaginal sex, something is wrong with you.

Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve talked to so many people—men and women both—who desperately want and need to be anal only, who naturally prefer anal sex for so many different reasons, but who have been afraid to act on that or admit that preference to partners, because they think they will be or have been negatively judged in the past.

Stand up for who you are, what you want, and what you need. Not wanting or liking vaginal sex is not a bad thing. It’s increasingly the norm, but we’re still treating it like it’s something unusual.

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