Reddit: Anal Only Isn’t a Form of Denial

I don’t see anal only as a firm of denial for me. My orgasms have always come from a blend of sensations. Anal is simply superior in that aspect.
We have gine anal only for a number of reasons. One of which is the extreme intimacy. Vaginal has to much risk of pregnancy that it had become a source of anxiety for me. However with anal we are both more relaxed. The sensations are better. He can orgasm inside me with no fear. We are physically connected during both of our orgasms so it is infinately more intimate than vaginal ever was or could be.
We even find that due to the shape and length of our bodies we physically fit together better in some of our positions. We are in contact head to toe and that is an amazing feeling on so many levels.
Like we were designed for it…

Bottemsup95, /r/analonlylifestyle

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