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Double Anal is the New Anal

As anal sex becomes increasingly popular and normal, it is shedding a lot of that stigma and perception as something done occasionally as a special treat but not a regular activity. For many now, anal is just as normal and common as vaginal, if not more common or completely replacing it.

Just as oral sex was once a relatively uncommon thing in our culture, only done on special occasions or by certain people, but has now become a standard and extremely frequent part of a healthy sexual repertoire, so has anal become the same.

And with the rapid increase in popularity of anal sex, there are a growing number of women for whom anal sex comes quite easily and who are looking for something to fill the role that anal once did, as something more intense and challenging which they may not do every time, but which is fun to do on occasion. For those who are in the anal only lifestyle, the old fashioned form of double penetration involving a combination of vaginal + anal penetration is naturally out of the question, but double anal penetration is a viable option.

Growing in popularity in its own right in recent years, perhaps in part due to increased exposure through pornography, double anal is being adopted as a practice by real world women and couples, whether with toys, multiple partners, or a combination of partners and toys.

Forum: How Does Anal Make You Feel?

From an Anal Only Lifestyle forum discussion on anal sex and the anal only lifestyle and the effects it has on people, user throwawaymedfree expands upon something she posted previously on reddit, which we also quoted on this blog recently.

Unfortunately I don’t feel as much in my vagina. It feels like the man is having sex with just the vagina. With my ass though, it feels like he’s having sex with my whole body. I can feel the shape of him and how he throbs inside me. As he thrusts, the “full” feeling goes not only in my ass, but my whole pelvic region (so my pussy is throbbing as well) and inside the stomach, the chest, and my hands and feet get weak and tingly. Because of this, it feels deeper and more intimate. My lips and breasts become swollen as a direct response to the sensation as well. 

It’s intense. Fulfilling. Feminine. It makes me feel the most comfortable in my skin during anal sex, and all I am focusing on is the pleasure. I am blown away at the striking difference between me and the man, both physically and fundamentally. I like being the receiver of pleasure and being done unto. 

Anal takes the “dirtiest” part of the woman’s body and turns it into something desirable, erotic, and even preferable. I feel beautiful when I am anally riding a man. If a man can take my asshole, he’ll take everything else.

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Message: Should I Try Vaginal or Go Anal Only?

Anonymous: Hey, so I’m a virgin but I masturbate A LOT and really want to have sex. I use a dildo in my ass a lot and have a butt plug now too that I love so I know I really want to do anal but I always imagined I would do vag too. But I see that you are telling virgins to skip it and go right to anal only. I like the idea but I don’t know if I should do it or not? Should I also stop masturbating that way? What do I do if a guy wants my pussy? Or do guys all want anal only now? Please help!

Yes! Definitely go anal only and stay a vaginal virgin. The biggest regret I hear from anal only women is that they spent any time at all on vaginal and they wish they had stayed a vaginal virgin. While it’s not the worst thing in the world so long as you end up anal only in the end, it’s an unfortunate and unnecessary detour to go down the path of vaginal before settling on anal. If you have the choice, make the anal only choice. You can always change your mind later and lose your vaginal virginity, but so long as the idea of being an anal only vaginal virgin is available and interesting to you, I highly recommend taking it!

It’s definitely becoming increasingly popular for women in your position to choose the anal only vaginal virgin path, for a variety of reasons. Anal has become much more mainstream and normal, and women are both experimenting with it more as well as less afraid to be open about preferring it and focusing on it as their primary or exclusive source of pleasure. As more women open up about that preference and their choice to avoid vaginal completely, it normalizes that idea for other women and gives them the confidence to choose to do the same as well.

It sounds like you already really love anal and prefer it, so the decision seems quite obvious. Vaginal will never be as good as anal, and you’ll always prefer anal, so with the likelihood that you would end up anal only eventually even if you did try vaginal, you will most likely regret giving up your vaginal virginity. I know several who started out anal only vaginal virgins for years before finally trying vaginal later in life, and being supremely disappointed in it, so there’s that to consider as well. It’s just not worth wasting any time with at all.

If you’re concerned about wanting to have children later in life, there are several options. Some anal only women see the only purpose of the vagina and vaginal sex being impregnation and will choose to lose their virginity in order to get pregnant but never for anything else. Others want to permanently maintain that virginity even when getting pregnant and opt to use a different strategy, having anal sex and pushing their partner’s semen out so it runs down into their spread-open vagina, repeating as necessary until pregnant, and in that way able to get pregnant from anal sex only without even once having vaginal intercourse.

And finally, yes, you should stop any vaginal masturbation as well, and focus just on anal penetration and pleasure. Vaginal stimulation just confuses and distracts from developing anal pleasure and orgasms, and if you already really enjoy anal, you should focus on that and work on mastering it.

Good luck, and enjoy. You’ll never regret being an anal only vaginal virgin.

Discussion: Do Women Prefer Men Cum Inside Their Ass?

This question gets a lot of discussion and responses, but here is a small selection:

Prefer him cumming Inside BY FAR. 

The feeling when he’s coming in your ass is easily the best part of Anal sex. 

Pace slows, and then you can feel the pulse/twitch of his penis every little movement as he orgasms sending feeling through the nerves in your ass to you brain. It’s an awesome feeling. 

birsha, HipForums

Because im medically unable to take birth control, an anal creampie is a lovely substitute for vaginal ones. I can also actually feel the release of ejaculate better in my ass because its tighter obviously.

PunchDrunkKitten, HipForums

Inside. I also like the feel of the pulse in his dick and i can feel it much better in my ass than in the vagina. He also says he prefers that I cum while he is in my ass because he feels my orgasm more intensely in my ass.

iamhis028, HipForums

Absolutely! We call it “magic jizz” . semen has so many health benefits. The best way to maximize the edge ts is through anal infusion too. Beyond that it feels amazing!!!

Katravenclaw, HipForums

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Preferring Anal Sex Does Not Make You A Freak

Something I hear quite often is that people feel scared to admit their preference of anal sex to others, whether it be friends, potential partners, or even existing partners. This is usually the result of the perception that other people will judge them negatively or see them as a “freak” for what can still be seen by some as abnormal.

Unfortunately, sometimes this concern is based on actual experiences people have had when trying to be open about it in the past and they try to protect themselves from future humiliation by not talking about it with others going forward. But the reality is that your preference for anal isn’t going to go away—it’s a natural part of who you are and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it or with you for having that preference.

But it can feel that way when other people judge you for it. Luckily, in recent years, a lot of people are getting past that and are responding much more positively to the idea, with some thrilled to discover others with similar preferences, or inspired to try it for themselves after finding out their friends are active and experienced with anal sex. Even still, some still feel like a freak.

Don’t. You can’t let your life be ruled by what other people think, especially about something so personal and inherent as this. Your body and your sexuality are what they are and preferring anal sex isn’t harmful in any way to anyone. Sure, not everyone is going to be into it at the same level as you, and that’s okay. Be respectful of potential partners and their own preferences, and don’t force your preferences onto others, but be open and honest about what your preferences are and you will meet other people who have or are curious about those same things and you will both end up the better for it.

Whether you’re anal only, a non-exclusive anal enthusiast, curious about anal sex, or not into anal at all, be who you are and pursue what you want and own that fact. Those who love or are interested in you will understand and quite possibly be thrilled to discover your preferences, and if they respond negatively to you sharing your preferences, they probably aren’t the best candidates to be your partner or your friend in the first place.

Announcing a Patreon Page for the Anal Only Lifestyle

As this community and the lifestyle that surrounds it grows, I’ve gradually been spending more of my time and money on it. It’s not a lot of money, just enough for hosting costs at this time, but it can add up. I do spend an extensive amount of time, however.

When Tumblr was active, I was creating content for multiple blogs to post between 1 and 6 times a day, some of them uninterrupted for years. The forum and Discord server require monitoring and moderation for spam, rule violations, and other abusive behavior to ensure that they remain welcoming spaces for all their members.

And with this blog, in addition to the recent several-week-long migration of all its content off Tumblr to its new home, I’ve tried to always keep to as frequent a posting schedule as possible, given my time and the availability of content. This requires writing original posts and articles, looking for relevant articles, discussions and quotes online, and answering reader questions as they are submitted. I’ve also created a guide to anal sex and the anal only lifestyle which we launched earlier this year and has continued to expand over time, with answers to many of the most frequently asked questions received.

Because of that, I’m happy to announce that I’ve created a Patreon page for the Anal Only Lifestyle community. The blog, forum and Discord will continue to be publicly and freely accessible to everyone as they always have been, but if you’d like to support their continued hosting and development by becoming a patron, you’re more than welcome to do so and can receive special roles on the forum and Discord that identify you as a supporter, as well as a few other special perks for contributing members.

Outside of this community, I work as an independent contractor on a variety of projects, so the more income I’m able to earn from running this community, the more time I’ll be able to spend on it going forward and treat it like a part-time job rather than just a hobby when I have the time. I have lots of ideas for new content, products, and resources I’d like to develop if I have the time to do so, and I’d love to discuss those ideas with readers and future patrons as well.

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Discussion: Are Butt Plugs a Good Way to Ease Someone Into Anal Sex?

That’s the question of a Quora user, who receives the following response which makes an excellent key point:

Yes, but butt plugs are not the beginning step.

The beginning step is always to get the person comfortable with the thought of anal.

Start by massaging around the anus. Once the person is comfortable, use lube and start with a finger. Gently.

Only after your partner is comfortable with a finger or two, take the next step of butt plug.

Miera Sharma, Quora

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Reddit: Can’t Keep Anal Off My Mind

I haven’t had sex in years, and even became a Christian in the process. I started NoFap to regain self control – but I keep failing. I haven’t watched porn in almost a year, and I lost all my fetishes, but I still keep thinking of and missing anal. I can’t help but masturbate once it crosses my mind. If I get married, I know it’s only a matter of time until I introduce daily anal sex (if not multiple times a day) into my future marriage.

I preferred it to vaginal sex. I don’t feel much inside my vagina (which I am sad about), but in my ass I can feel everything – the texture, the pressure, every movement sliding in and out. The penis can go deeper in my ass than my vagina as well, and one time I’ve had 9 inches balls deep inside me. With my vagina, it feels like the man is having sex with just the vagina. With my ass, it feels like he’s having sex with my whole body. Because of this, it feels deeper and more intimate.

I introduced all my ex boyfriends to anal. I suggested it, and the man happily complied. When I spread everything for display, my man would finger and play with any parts he wanted. We then used coconut oil and took it slow, with him inserting the tip first. I pushed myself against his dick, my hands still spreading my ass (this always drove my exes nuts). I eased myself onto his dick, feeling the shape of him and how it pulsated inside me. My feet were already weak by this point, and my lips and breasts were swollen as a direct response to being “full”. He spooned me while fondling me, smelling my hair and kissing my neck. I wrapped my legs around his and led his hand to my mouth to suck on his wet fingers (to taste myself, which drove him wild). It was very easy to make myself come by tightening myself around his dick, and he said this was the tightest hole he felt. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and start thrusting very hard, in different positions every time we had sex. Sometimes he would keep his finger in my mouth. I would feel his thrusts through my whole body, and I sucked his dick with my ass by continuing to clench. After he came, we kept his dick inside me a bit longer as we made out. I loved basking in the heat and sweat of the man. When he slid out, it would make a “pop” noise and I kept his cum inside me until our next session, which was pretty soon.

What’s also interesting is that once I vaginally orgasm, I am not horny anymore. With anal, even after an intense orgasm, I am still hungering for more and I can satisfy that hunger multiple times a day anally without losing that drive. This was my life, almost every day.

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Anal Only Father’s Day

Are you someone who loves anal sex and haven’t come up with a good Father’s day gift yet for your husband or partner? Consider the option of going anal only with him for an extended period of time, and letting him enjoy anal sex with you every time you have sex rather than only on occasion.

It’s a great gift, both for him and for yourself. There are many different advantages to going anal only, and while he’ll no doubt love it, there are many reasons you can enjoy it as well!

For more information on the anal only lifestyle, check out our Guide, which goes much deeper into every aspect of the lifestyle.

Message: Whose Fault Was It?

Anonymous: I was fingering a woman (in the ass of course) and poop mixed with lube came out and messed up the bed sheets. Whose fault was it?

That was no one’s fault. Accidents happen sometimes, and it’s not a blame game. Instead of trying to decide who’s at fault, laugh it off and if you want to avoid it going forward, take a look at our guide to hygiene for anal sex and play.