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We are an AO married couple for a few years and want to have children… We think it’s time to raise the family, but there is one “little difficulty”: we’ve been exclusively anal only since forever. I imagine some of you may have faced this dilemma before, so how to proceed?

I know it seems a simple problem, so let me be more specific: we’re AO by preference. Performing vaginal penetration seems obvious as an answer to getting pregnant, but it turns out that vaginal virginity has become our secret source of pleasure like a special and perverted spell, a type of fetish in itself. Destroying this sounds worrisome and disturbing. There is certainly a strong psychological factor to explain this strange affliction but we do not want sacrificing vaginal virginity in any way. Perhaps in other circumstances this doubt seems stupid, but certainly here is right place for to share our anguish without stereotypes…

My wife wants cesarean birth to preserve the untouchable vagina but it saddens that pregnancy demands to tarnish our great fantasy.. Please do not judge us as weird ridiculous. But virgin virginity is really very important to our relationship.

We accept advice, tips and experiences from couples who have experienced the same situation.

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Luckily, vaginal sex is not necessary for pregnancy, and more anal only couples are choosing to go without it in order to get pregnant when ready to have children. There are multiple options, but it can be as simple as having anal sex, ejaculating inside her anus, her remaining on her hands and knees, and spreading open her vagina while pushing out his semen so that it runs down and inside, repeating as often as necessary until pregnant. As it’s less direct, it can take longer for some people, but it does work and should be considered as an option before falling back to unnecessary vaginal intercourse.

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2 responses to “Forum: Pregnancy and Anal Only”

  1. Concerned says:

    The ceasarian section does not press the right parts of the baby’s head, which can very well lead to learning difficulties in the future, as certain parts of the brain are not “deactivated” properly. It should be done at an absolute medical necessity, not because the parrents have a certain fetish, that i feel is just cruel.

  2. analonlylifestyle says:

    Agreed, if there is any threat to the baby as a result, that should certainly be avoided!

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