Article: I DPed Myself to Prove that Asses and Vaginas do the Same Thing During Orgasm

Note: while this article is also about vaginal penetration, the data shared as it relates to anal orgasm is still relevant and interesting for the topics this blog explores.

At Lioness, we are all about exploring our bodies through the biofeedback graphs to learn how our orgasms and pleasure change from things like weed lubeconcussionsalcohol and more. We always theoretically knew from a study done in the 80’s that anal muscles contract in a similar fashion to the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles during an orgasm, but my friend Charles was right…we should be practicing what we preach! So, I got two Lioness vibrators, thick water-based lube, and went to double penetration town and lived to tell the story.

After comparison, she discovers that while anal and vaginal orgasms trigger muscle contractions in a very similar way, anal orgasms are much stronger and more intense:

As you can see, they’re almost identical to each other during the same session except for two distinct differences:

The data from the anal Lioness toy is registering at a MUCH higher force throughout the entire masturbation session and the orgasm itself.

The anal orgasm has a larger peak-to-peak amplitude, meaning those anal muscles relax and squeeze stronger than my vaginal muscles during orgasm.

Read the full article and see the associated charts at Lioness

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One response to “Article: I DPed Myself to Prove that Asses and Vaginas do the Same Thing During Orgasm”

  1. Now that is an awesome article that confirms what we all knew: anal orgasms are more intense, for both the giver and the receiver. Any man who’s been inside a woman’s anus at the time of orgasm can testify to that fact that it has the ability to grip the penis tighter and provide more stimulation, which leads to a better orgasm and more complete ejaculation. The greater concentration of nerve endings in the anus provides more stimulation for the female, allowing her to feel every twitch and throb of the male’s penis, providing her a more intense orgasm as well.

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