Month: April 2019

Forum: Gratitude

From a recent post on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum:

I just wanted to send you my heartfelt gratitude for the work that you do here, the community you’ve created, and the myths that you dispel in an everyday way. The encouraging, positive, can-do attitude of the advice and community has been such a gift. You’re blog was an integral part of my own exploration of the lifestyle, at the gentle prompting of my sex coach, of course.

I’d always thought of myself as a sexual explorer. I had tried and loved anal sex. I somehow always found myself with multiple partners who preferred or at least heartily enjoyed anal sex throughout the years. I’d tried gang bangs and dp, which always felt the most satisfying for all involved if my ass got used in equal measure to my mouth and cunt. It just never even occurred to me that it would be entirely more gratifying to only use my ass. It seems so silly now to say it! The answer was there all the time!


My greatest surprise has been the way that being anal only encourages the very best that sex has to offer, and not just the satisfaction derived from the physical way that anal sex feels great. All of my partners have met me with more creativity, more vigor, more intensity, more boundary pushing, and more intention to pervert conventions of sexuality in the most wonderful way. Of course, it doesn’t have to mean those things, but it has given me and my lovers the space and permission to go deeper. 

I have been able to explore so many areas, from mind-blowing anal orgasm to complete denial, shifting paradigms of desire from being an endlessly greedy bottom to seeking pleasure from the joys of service. I would have never come to these without the structure and curiosity provided by the Anal only community.

Thank you again. Two years has gone by with remarkable ease and only a few moments of extreme and intense longing for the old ways. I made it through, thanks to you all! I would encourage anyone with the slightest hint or proclivity to delve in, even if slow at first. It’s so worth it.

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Message: Missed Anal Only April

Jessi: I just found your Anal Only April posts and am really disappointed because I would have loved to have tried that with my boyfriend but the month is almost over now. ?

Anal Only April and No Pussy November are just months we promote actively to encourage more people to try and experience the anal only lifestyle for themselves. It’s not at all the only opportunity to be anal only, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to those months only.

Even though the month is nearly over, why not just start now and go through the end of May as your own anal only month?

The reason for it being a month long is that it’s a good amount of time for the average person to get through any initial challenges of being anal only in the first week or two and then get a few weeks of experiencing what it’s really like to be anal only and eliminate vaginal sex.

By the end of the month, many people find that they prefer being anal only and don’t want to return to vaginal sex. So at the end of May, consider how you feel, and if you really enjoyed your month, don’t go back to vaginal and just stick with the joy and pleasure of anal only.

No Reason for Pussy After Trying Anal Only

A common theme among those who have tried going anal only for a month or more is that there’s no reason, no interest, no desire to go back to vaginal sex after having tried anal only and seen its benefits.

Anal sex provides more pleasure, more intimacy, more arousal and more overall benefits than vaginal can offer, and going anal only for an extended period of time not only reveals those benefits, it also amplifies them through the exclusion of lesser forms of stimulation and quickly builds the desire to not return to vaginal.

Countless men and women have gone into a month of anal only skeptical that they’d want to stay that way, feeling as if they’d miss vaginal and want to return to it, and being surprised within a few weeks when they realize that they enjoy being anal only so much more and don’t miss vaginal at all, instead discovering that they have a strong desire to stick with anal only.

Some women, after going anal only for several months, decide to try vaginal again to see if they still enjoy it compared to anal, and almost universally they find that it’s nowhere near as pleasurable, if not even somewhat uncomfortable now, and it strengthens their desire to shift fully to anal going forward after such an experiment.

So, why not try it for yourself and see what effects it has for you? Go anal only for a month or more, and see what happens to your urges and desires for vaginal. More likely than not, you’ll be sticking with anal only for good before you know it.

Forum: 25 Year Old Anal Only Vaginal Virgin

New member Marie on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum shares her story:

My name is Marie, I’m 25 yrs old vaginal virgin. I’m married for 5 years, but I have the same partner for 9 yrs. 

I started my sexual life from anal at my 16 birthday and we still continue that kind of sex. My husband is older from me, he is 31 now. He is experienced in vaginal sex, but he told me he is not interested in that kind of sex anymore. I have accepted this, because I was very young and I was afraid of getting pregnant. I can cum hard from anal only, it’s not necessary to caress my clit. Initially, I thought he will take my vaginal virginity later, but we are couple for 9 years and he won’t do that, my pussy doesn’t exists for him. I admit that I don’t want do vaginal sex too, but we want to have kids in future…

Upon being asked for additional details, she added:

My boyfriend introduced me into anal, but I heard about that kind of sex, I had many talks about with my friends and parents, about anal sex too. My mom told me many good things about anal (more pleasure for both, no way to get pregnant, no condoms, no pills). She is very active with anal. She told me, it’s not okay to force my boyfriend to use condoms, if he won’t use them. 

My boyfriend told me, that vaginal sex will be painful on the beginning, it’s risky (pregnancy) so we will be stressed every month waiting for my period (he does not accept condoms and pills). He told that vaginal sex is not very pleasant for him and he doesn’t want to do that, and that anal sex is best for us and asked if I accept that. I told “yes” immediately 

My first anal was nice. No pain, no bad surprises, but no orgasm too. I had to learn how to earn pleasure for that, but every next intercourse was better. I had my first anal orgasm after two months. I cum fastest on standing position, from behind

I had a few reasons to try anal before vaginal: 
– I heard many good thing about anal
– I heard many bad things about vaginal
– I was afraid about pregnancy
– my boyfriend doesn’t want to use condoms and he loves to cum inside me
– he is not interested into vaginal sex at all. I’m young and my pussy is tight for sure, but he doesn’t want. No pussy, anal only.

Anal sex is just better. If I can reach strong orgasm from “second” hole, without risk, with more pleasure for him, why should I use my pussy? I don’t see any reason and sense. After my first sex I told my mom about our choice. She smiled and praised me for this responsible decision. 

I told my gyno about that and she see no contraindication to continue beeing AO.

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Discussion: Can you wear a butt plug all day?

This is a common question and concern once someone discovers anal pleasure and the joy of butt plugs and wants to experience that feeling more and more over time. Fortunately, the answer is yes! With a little practice, if it stays comfortable, you can keep it in as long as you want! If it starts to hurt, you should take it out and let yourself rest until it doesn’t hurt anymore, but otherwise go for it. Wear that plug as often and as long as you like.

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Message: Anal Only April is Awesome!

Lily: Hi! I’ve been a fan of your blog since Tumblr but I was with a boyfriend who wasn’t into anal more than once a month or so and thought anal was just supposed to be a rare treat. It was so weird, I was asking him for it more often and he was the one who wanted it less! Well, we broke up around Christmas and I started seeing a new guy last month who loves anal! When I saw your announcement for Anal Only April I showed it to him and he agreed wholeheartedly that we should do it.

We’ve been doing anal almost every day since then (we started early because we were so excited to try it, so really we’re already a month in) and we’ve been talking about it throughout and both agree it’s so much better to not use my pussy at all anymore. It makes me so hot and horny and feels so amazing to have his cock in my ass every day and knowing that’s where it’s going every time instead of my pussy. It makes my ass twitch just thinking about it and when I get horny I feel it in my ass now more than my pussy. We’re just totally on board 100% with anal only and I think we both agree there’s no going back now.

That’s awesome! Congratulations on finding a great partner who shares your enthusiasm for anal and who understands the importance of being anal only. Since you’re already a month in and already don’t want to go back, I’m sure that by the end of the April you’ll be even more firmly set into your new routine and committed to living the anal only lifestyle for good.

Discussion: Do Women Feel Rejected When Partners Don’t Want to do Anal With Them?

Of course, the answer to this question is yes, if the woman in question likes or prefers anal, as many do. And disturbingly, it’s not uncommon for women to experience such a rejection from partners or potential partners who are adamantly anti-anal out of ignorance.

Such ignorance is on display with one of the answers:

This question has to be the result of porn. Until a few years ago most straight people never really thought about anal I believe. I hear some women really enjoy it but I would think it’s an acquired taste. Unless it’s something she really likes I wouldn’t think she would feel rejected but I wouldn’t think many men would decline such an offer. I know I wouldn’t.

Ray Vischegher, Quora

While porn may have contributed to making anal more popularly known and practiced in recent years, there is nothing new about anal sex or the enjoyment or preference of it by men or women. We’ve been having anal sex for many thousands of years and that will never change. It’s not an acquired taste, it’s a natural form of sex and people are going to have to get used to the fact that it’s never going away and is only going to become more standard, more accepted, and more exclusively anal. Men who aren’t interested in anal shouldn’t be forced to do something they don’t want, but they also need to accept that a growing number of women prefer anal sex and are going to be disappointed and upset if you push them for vaginal instead.

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Message: I Prefer Anal

LoveButtLove: I started watching porn before I had sex and I really liked seeing anal more than anything else, and that got me to start playing with my butt because I wanted to be like all the pretty girls getting buttfucked. I played with my pussy too, but I actually liked it in my butt more so before very long that’s pretty much all I did. I would get started with my pussy sometimes, kind of like foreplay, and then switch to my butt to really play with myself.

By the time I had sex for the first time I didn’t even play with my pussy anymore and I asked my boyfriend to put it in my butt. That’s all we ever did, and all I’ve done since then too. I like that I have sex all the time but that I’ve never been fucked in the pussy even once and I really want to stay that way now because I think it’s really sexy and just better. But my new boyfriend doesn’t understand and he has been pushing me for pussy. What do I do?

First of all, congratulations on making the best choice and going anal only while staying a vaginal virgin. That’s absolutely the way to go if you have the choice, as you’ve discovered.

As for your boyfriend, you need to sit down with him and have a talk. Tell him that you love having sex with him but that you’re an anal only girl and always will be, and have zero interest in losing your vaginal virginity. If he has a real problem with that, it’s better for it to come to a head now rather than in the future. But if you can convince him to just keep going with anal only for a while, he most likely will realize in time that there’s actually nothing to miss about vaginal and that he can get everything he needs through anal and that it’s actually better for the both of you that way.

Discussion: I am a anal only virgin and I love it

A user on Reddit shares:

I am a 19-year-old college student at the University of Alabama. My family are devout Christian’s so I have to be a virgin until marriage. I first had anal sex two years ago and since then I have not been able to stop lol. I’m basically what you can call Addicted to it and recently have been putting myself into fairly risky situations in order to get it. At this point I don’t even think about vagina sex and hardly look forward to it.

Anyone who has followed this blog for long knows that we highly encourage this and praise anyone who chooses to or is interested in pursuing it. While the motivation of saving one’s vaginal virginity until marriage for religious purposes may be less than ideal in the greater context of the anal only lifestyle, it is a not-uncommon way to introduce someone to the pleasures of anal without the distraction of vaginal and to help them realize that staying anal only without bothering with vaginal—even after marriage—is the best option for them. We can all hope that this young woman ultimately decided to do that.

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Challenge Yourself to Anal Only

If you’re reading this and aren’t already anal only, what are you waiting for? Even if you think you would miss vaginal, if you haven’t actually tried going anal only for an extended period of time yet, you won’t know until you do. Countless men and women over the years have had the same concern until trying anal only for a month or more and discovering that anal more than satisfies all their needs and vaginal offers nothing unique that anal doesn’t already have covered—and what’s more, the elimination of vaginal actually amplifies the anal and makes it even better than in combination with continued vaginal penetration.

You owe it to yourself to go anal only for at least a month, if not longer, and see what it’s really like.