Month: March 2019

The Frequency of Anal When First Starting Out

The discovery of anal pleasure can be a very exciting thing for people new to it, and it can be easy to want to suddenly play with your ass or have anal sex as often as possible. However, when you’re first starting, it can also be easy to get quite sore quickly, just as when first starting a new exercise regime, so it’s often better to pace yourself to ensure maximum long-term enjoyment for everyone.

When getting started, either for the first time, or after a long break, always start slow and work your way up gradually, but also give yourself a day or two break in between sessions to allow your muscles to adjust and recover from any soreness as you train yourself and stretch them in new and better ways. You can always do a quick test with a toy and if you still feel any acute soreness, wait another day before trying again.

After a week or two of active anal play at the same level, you likely won’t have to continue doing this, and can shift to playing daily, but when training for larger toys or objects, you may find it beneficial to return to a several-days-a-week sort of routine again for that training. The difference here is that you may be able to return to using smaller toys or a small butt plug as your new baseline in between the larger toy training.

Stay safe, listen to your body, go slowly, take a few days off if you feel particularly sore, and you’ll be enjoying anal for a lifetime.

Message: Anal Only April

Vince: So I’m trying to abstain from all types of masturbation until April and then starting April 1st I’m going to try and go all month anal only. So far since my last post I haven’t given in to the urge to touch my penis. Is it normal for it to get extremely hard to resist the urge to touch and then it starts to tapper off cuz it was easy for awhile and lately it’s been really hard to resist even tho I’m having anal orgasms. So wish me luck on no touching and making it thru April

Sounds like a good plan!

It can increase and decrease in difficulty depending on a lot of different factors, and just personal variation. Stick with it and you’ll get through the difficulty, and give yourself lots of anal orgasms to make up for it and remind yourself why they’re better.

If it really gets hard to resist, you can try using a chastity device during periods of extreme temptation.

Message: Happy

Gia: I’m so happy and excited and I don’t really have anyone else I can share this with so I thought I’d share it with all you! I’ve followed this blog for years and have always wanted to be anal only since I found out it was a thing, but I couldn’t ever find a guy that was into it as much as I was and they’d try it for a while but would want to go back to pussy eventually, or would keep rubbing and touching me there when I didn’t want that, so it never really worked out for long.

But around the beginning of the year I started seeing this guy I met on Tinder and I decided to tell him right away that I was looking for a guy who was only into anal because I was an anal only girl. He said that he preferred anal too, and he hadn’t ever been in an anal only relationship but he’d love to try it. I was hopeful but a little bit skeptical, since guys before had been positive about it at first before changing their mind and wanting my pussy again.

My new boyfriend, though, if anything he’s gotten even more into it than I was since we’ve started it together. He loves it, he fucks my ass almost every day and loves stretching and gaping me and filling me with his cum, and he tells me how much my ass turns him on and how he wishes he’d met me sooner so he’d have learned how good it is to be anal only.

And best of all, he doesn’t touch or lick or play with my pussy or clit at all, and he helps me from doing it too, we work together to be better at anal only and it’s amazing. We really are like two partners working towards the goal of staying with only pure anal pleasure always! I can cum from anal almost every time we have sex now, and not using my clit for months has been amazing. I’m so happy to have him and to finally be my anal only self.

That’s so wonderful that you’ve found a partner who not only respects your anal only needs and wishes, but who is enthusiastic about the anal only lifestyle himself and helps reinforce and strengthen your commitment to anal only. That’s what makes a great sexual partnership, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy a long and happy anal only relationship together!

Discussion: Good Positions for Anal

An anal only woman on HipForums asks:

If you follow me you already know I luv anal. Husband and I are anal only now. Buuuut… I have arthritis in my knees and 1 hip and he’s got a bad back so we are always looking for ways to keep active and penetrate well without causing each other pain. 

Anyone have some good positions they use for anal? Or even some furniture ir position aides they have tried and like…

Katravenclaw, HipForums

She gets an assortment of good replies from various people offering different suggestions, including the use of foam wedges to provide support in different positions during sex. She also gets a response from another long-term anal only couple:

My wife & I have been anal only for 25 years.
We used to do doggy with her at the edge of the bed and me standing on the floor.
For the past 10 years or so we have used a more relaxing position for the two of us.
She lies on her right side with her left leg pulled up.
I crouch and straddle her outstretched right leg, spread her cheeks and go for it!
She uses her Wahl vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms while I pump away, following her instructions to slow down as she gets close to cumming.
Her rectum tightens up and pulsates as she cums and slowing down my thrusts allows me to really feel her pulsations.
The Wahl is right angle type vibrator and she holds it in her left hand over her left thigh with the tip on her clit.
Works for us!

niceneasy, HipForums

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Edging Without Clit Stimulation When You’re Anal Only

With orgasm denial and edging play a popular practice for many people, some wonder how to effectively put edging into practice while living the anal only lifestyle, and as much as being anal only appeals to them, the exclusion of clit stimulation makes continued edging for them to be difficult to implement.

Firstly, always remember that you can absolutely be anal only while continuing to use clit stimulation as needed, especially if only using it to edge and build up your arousal for anal. “Anal only” refers to excluding vaginal penetration, and any other variations beyond that are optional and highly variable based on personal preference.

However, if you are committed to excluding clit stimulation entirely, you can still edge with just anal stimulation, even if you don’t know how to orgasm from it yet. It can be a somewhat different experience, and you may need to adjust your expectations a little bit, and start out just by telling yourself that what you’re doing really is edging, but the more you do it, the more it will completely fill whatever role clit edging did for you in the past.

Putting your clit as far from your mind as you can, just start out by gently rubbing and fingering your anus until you’re totally warmed up and relaxed, and then start probing with a finger or a toy in order to find the most pleasurable spot to focus on and start building the pleasure by doing this, but without letting yourself get to orgasm. Any time your clit calls out for attention, focus on your ass even more instead, and as your arousal builds over time and between sessions, answer the call of your clit by fingering and fucking your ass instead.

The more you experiment with this, the more you’ll learn just how satisfyingly unsatisfying it can be in just the way you crave from edging, and you’ll find that you don’t need your clit at all, even to edge yourself or build your arousal—your asshole can be your source of arousal instead.

Discussion: Is It Normal for Women to Have Anal Sex?

That’s the question a Quora user asks, and thanks to the growing popularity and normalization of anal sex, they get some excellent responses!

Yes, anal sex has been practiced for millennia, both heterosexual and homosexual. More women are engaging in it these days, so it’s important to know how to do it correctly because, if you get it wrong, the result can be painful and possibly injurious.

Hombre Serious, Quora

It is very normal nowadays amongst women to have anal sex. Anal sex is considered to. be more enjoyable than other positions while having sex.
The only thing precautionary in Anal Sex is to go about very slow and be caring about your Partner. Being Selfish while performing Anal Sex can lead to Relationship issues on longterm basis.

Harley Julep, Quora

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Message: Anal Fragrances?

Lina: Any tips on fragrances for the anus?

Many aficionados of anal find that they simply prefer the natural scent of a clean anus, but there are certainly those who apply a perfume to the area as well. Depending on the activities involved, you probably won’t want to apply it to the anus itself, but the area around it, so that it doesn’t end up getting tasted during analingus, etc.

As for specific scents, I don’t have any suggestions, but perhaps other readers can share any that they’ve enjoyed.

Anal Only Porn Becoming the Norm

An observation of porn trends in recent years has shown a continually growing interest in and preference for anal sex and scenes that contain or focus on anal. Studios have largely shifted their scenes to a formula that may still contain oral and vaginal, but treats both largely as foreplay to a considerably larger portion of anal as the primary act to finish everything off. In these scenes, vaginal is a warmup act at most, to get someone in the mood for the real sex.

On porn websites that allow viewing what parts of the scene users watch the most, however, it’s also clear that very few viewers are interested in the vaginal portion of a scene and most skip right past it to the anal, in some cases leaving comments below stating at what time into the scene the anal begins, for their fellow viewers to be able to easily do the same.

Some porn producers have recognized this trend and shifted to largely excluding vaginal from their scenes and focusing on anal, if not going completely anal only. In some cases, vaginal penetration may still occasionally happen, but only as part of a double penetration of some sort—always as a secondary act to anal.

As time goes on, and demands shift even further towards an anal focus, there is going to be a lot of opportunity for more and more porn studios to move away from vaginal entirely and product strictly anal only content for their audiences to enjoy and be inspired by.

Message: First Anal Only Orgasm

Vince: So I thought I would share that I bought a new buttplug and it hits exactly the spot I need. since I’ve gotten this toy I have came from just anal twice now. it’s really hot to cum with out touching my penis what so ever. now to just keep up with it and break the bad habit of touching my penis I don’t do it often but every once in awhile I get tempted to touch

Congratulations on the anal orgasms! Like you say, you just need to stick with it now, but with the ability to cum from anal in your grasp, it will become a lot easier to avoid any other forms of stimulation—whenever you feel the urge, just start working on an anal only orgasm instead and focus all your efforts on that. As you start cumming from anal more and more frequently it will become increasingly easier, and urges to have less appealing and pleasurable sorts of orgasms will fade in favor of pure anal.

Message: Anally Obsessed

Anonymous: Ok so lately I have been so obsessed with anything anal. I have kept myself plugged 24/7. I masterbate anally everyday or night, watch anal porn, and sext online to strangers about anal sex all the time. Is being obsessed with anal normal?

At one level, yes, of course. Anal is so amazing that of course you’re obsessed with it. And because anal boosts your arousal, it can be somewhat of a self-perpetuating obsession because the more you do it, the more you want anal and nothing else.

You just have to make sure that you stay on the healthy side of obsession, and that it doesn’t get in the way of your regular life. So long as it isn’t negatively interfering in other important things for you, it’s fine, but if you notice an imbalance in other parts of your life, you might want to back off a little bit and make sure you’re spending important time on other things too.

Anal training, play and sex are all important, but not the only important thing in life. Maybe open up to some of your friends about anal and the anal only lifestyle and encourage them to try as well so it can be more of a social experience as well, and you can build up a friend group you can share and talk with about anal and being anal only.