Message: Your Blog Made Anal Sexy

I want to thank you for this blog, discovering it changed my life and my outlook on anal sex. I wanted to learn more about it because my boyfriend wanted anal but I didn’t find the idea sexy and didn’t even want to try. But after reading people’s stories and how good it could feel and how sexy it was to them, I got really turned on and decided to try it myself. I tried it by myself first, like you say, and then I had my boyfriend start to play with my ass, and last month we started having anal sex for the first time.

I really, really love it. And I never would have done it without this blog. So thank you. If any other girls are out there who are curious but afraid to try, don’t wait, try it for yourself! It’s amazing.

I’m glad I was able to inspire you to get over your fears of anal and try it for yourself! So many people refuse to try it because of their misconceptions and end up missing out on the best way to have sex as a result.

Now that you know how enjoyable anal sex is, maybe your next step should be trying to go anal only for a few months and see how much better it gets when you eliminate vaginal entirely!

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2 responses to “Message: Your Blog Made Anal Sexy”

  1. Stephen says:

    A woman becomes the embodiment of female desirability and sexuality when she transforms into an anal girl. Sex is no longer simply a procreative act but an act of incredible pleasure, satisfaction, and even spirituality once one becomes an anal sex practitioner.

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