Discussion: She Only Prefers Anal Sex

Met someone on POF who`s company i adore.
We`ve been out a few times. She spent the weekend at my home. We really get along, and our time we spend together is really amazing!We babrely left my apartment.

Each time we engaged in sex, she would only allow me to enter her anally.I was taken aback by her request.She seemed to like oral sex performed on her as well as my hands caressing her.Yet, each time i attempted to penetrate her vagina she refused.

She explained to me, its nothing personal, but, until she becomes comfortable with me, she doesn`t allow anyone to enter her.
Don`t get me wrong, i`m not complaining,but i do find this preference rather odd.
Has anyone else experienced this before?

His reaction to a woman who only wants anal sex is unfortunate, acting like it’s somehow unusual or strange for a woman to prefer anal sex or only want anal and not want him to penetrate her vaginally. The responses he receives are similarly disappointing, ranging from insulting her…

“Odd” isn’t the word for it. I’m thinking more along the lines of “nutjob.”

…to accusing him of making up a fantasy story…

haha, sounds like you have quite the active and elaborate fantasy life. anyway….

Has anyone else experienced this before?

strangely, i find the question itself to be of greater interest than your absurd story. do you hope the answer is “yes”, do you wonder if it is “no”; are you merely taking a poll (against forum rules) or are you asking for advice but haven’t quite figured out a way to frame your anally fixated question; and… either way, what will you do with the information once you get it? also, have you written your daily posting to ass.fetish.blogspot.com yet or did they delete your account for violating TOS and is that why you came here?

…to the classic accusation that she is actually a man in disguise…

are you CERTAIN she’s a SHE???

a real SHE???

Honestly, it’s an incredibly frustrating look at the ignorance towards anal sex that still remains in the world and which can make it a challenge for anal only people to meet partners and communicate their desires without judgement. Most everyone is making hostile and crude jokes or being downright insulting towards the idea of preferring anal sex, or the concept of anal in general. However over the course of the 16 pages that this crazy thread goes on for, a few more reasonable people do turn up, fortunately, but… wow.

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