Message: Anal Cleanliness Without Harming Intestinal Flora

sarlic91Hey there, I’m starting to live the anal only lifestyle with my girl, but there’s a thing that troubles me. We both want to keep everything as(s) clean as possible, but I read on several sources that a repeated use of anal douches will damage the intestinal flora. Can you suggest a way to clean her gut on a regular basis (we have sex a few times a day) and also keep her health in mind? Thanks ahead ?

We discussed this in the Anal Only Lifestyle Discord already, but I’ll sum up my answer here as well for a general audience.

Essentially, if you stick to a small amount of water at a time, and just flush out the rectum, release the water, wait a moment, and repeat, until all the water comes out clean, there should be no significant impact to the balance of her intestinal flora deeper in the colon or to her digestive processes.

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