Article: First Time Anal Sex — What You Need to Know

There’s so much misinformation about anal sex that one of the biggest obstacles to enjoying your first anal sex experience is everything you’ve heard about it before you have it.

Let’s start with one thing that is true:  anal sex isn’t a necessary part of anyone’s sex life.  You can have an amazing sexual life without ever exploring anal sex.  The one and only reason to try anal sex is because you want to.

Of course you can’t know for sure if you’ll like it without trying it.  But if you’re only considering it because your partner really wants you to or because everyone you know seems to be having it, then don’t bother.

I would soften that last statement somewhat—there’s nothing wrong with trying it because other people you know are doing it or have encouraged you to try it too, so long as you don’t feel pressured to do it against your will and are yourself curious about it as well.

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