Message: Denial

So I’ve gone all this month so far with out touching my clit and I’m able to orgasm from anal, think I should just keep going strictly anal only or should I phase my clit in and use it a little more? And am I still considered a vaginal virgin if I have only fingered my pussy once?

Congratulations on being anal only and going without touching your clit all month! If you’re able to orgasm from anal and you’ve gone this long without clitoral stimulation, why not try to keep going and see how long you can go without it? There’s nothing inherently wrong with clitoral stimulation, of course, and if you really want to keep doing it, by all means go ahead, but if you enjoy not doing it and only orgasming from anal, I’d suggest that you continue to build on your month-long streak so far and see where it takes you.

Vaginal virginity most commonly refers to not having had vaginal intercourse with a partner, so yes, you are a vaginal virgin if you’ve only fingered yourself vaginally. Is remaining a vaginal virgin and being anal only long-term something that interests you?

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