Message: Why Anal Only? Why Not Both?

Anonymous: Why anal only? Why not both? Three holes is better than two.

Three is better than two if the two are oral + vaginal. But two is better than three if the two are oral + anal. Replacing vaginal with anal is an improvement and an upgrade in every way, and it really is better than just adding anal into the mix, even though that is also an improvement over only doing vaginal. Anything with anal is better, but anal without vaginal is even better yet, and it’s kind of hard to explain why until you’ve tried it for yourself for a while and experienced it. A lot of people think they wouldn’t want to go anal only because it’s limiting and they would miss having vaginal, but it’s really not, and they don’t. That’s a very common discovery after trying a month of anal only—people rarely miss vaginal. Anal not only effectively replaces it, it’s better sex.

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