Message: Don’t Give Up Hope

Anonymous: I was the stereotypical girl who thought my ass was an exit only and refused to let my boyfriends near it …. until I dated the right guy who I trusted completely and he was patient & loving & caring & taught me all about anal and how good it is. We’ve been married almost two years and we’ve gone from just vaginal at first to mostly anal and now since our anniversary last December we’re anal only. I never would’ve thought I’d do this but I would never go back. So don’t give up hope!!

A great message to anyone who’s looking but hasn’t found an anal only partner yet: the right person might be out there and not even realize it yet, they just need someone who can show them why being anal only is a better way to be. Most people have not even considered the idea of being anal only yet, and so they need to be both introduced to the idea and shown its appeal. The majority of anal only relationships evolve into that ideal state over time with trust, practice and experimentation.

Thanks for sharing your experience, and congratulations on nearly two years of marriage and nearly one year of anal only together!

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