Message: I Don’t Think My Husband Loves Anal As Much As Me

Anonymous: I’ve talked to my husband before about wanting to go anal only. I love it so much, pretty much wear a plug all day but I don’t think he loves it as much as I do, how do I get him to want to be only anal with me. He gets all the forplay fun bjs, footjob, boibs, hands. I tell him I love him and his body, but I get none of that, just light kissing and fondling right before sex. He never wants to finger my ass or ass worship nothing. I live vicariously through this blog lool much love!

Keep communicating your desires, and try to have actual conversations about it and work out if you can find a mutually acceptable compromise between your two positions on it.

You can also work to that point more incrementally: rather than jumping straight to wanting to go anal only, first work to start having anal sex more often, then add something like anal only weekends into your routine, then one week a month, then try going anal only for a full month, etc., and then after that see if he’s willing to try it longer term.

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