Month: November 2018

GQ: Study Very Gently Suggests We Should All Be Having More Anal Sex

In an analysis of a study from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, Five Thirty Eight’s Mona Chalabi found that different sexual acts resulted in varying orgasmic success (or failure) for men and women. Men had orgasms around 90 percent of the time regardless of the sexual acts they engaged in. By comparison, only 64 percent of women got off from mutual masturbation, 66 percent had orgasms from vaginal penetration, and 81 percent got there from receiving oral sex.

But anal sex got the highest marks for both men and women. “Anal sex appears to be the hands-down winner for both sexes,” Chalabi wrote. “100 percent of men and 94 percent of women say they orgasmed during encounters in which they received anal sex.”

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Message: Denial

So I’ve gone all this month so far with out touching my clit and I’m able to orgasm from anal, think I should just keep going strictly anal only or should I phase my clit in and use it a little more? And am I still considered a vaginal virgin if I have only fingered my pussy once?

Congratulations on being anal only and going without touching your clit all month! If you’re able to orgasm from anal and you’ve gone this long without clitoral stimulation, why not try to keep going and see how long you can go without it? There’s nothing inherently wrong with clitoral stimulation, of course, and if you really want to keep doing it, by all means go ahead, but if you enjoy not doing it and only orgasming from anal, I’d suggest that you continue to build on your month-long streak so far and see where it takes you.

Vaginal virginity most commonly refers to not having had vaginal intercourse with a partner, so yes, you are a vaginal virgin if you’ve only fingered yourself vaginally. Is remaining a vaginal virgin and being anal only long-term something that interests you?

Message: Greetings

I just wanted to say hello. I’m glad I found this group and I look forward to a reading lots of advice and such.

Thank you for your message, and welcome! I hope you find it enlightening, and feel free to send other comments or ask questions.

Message: Sad To Say He Doesn’t Want to Do Anal Only Anymore

Anonymous: So Daddy used his pussy before the end of no pussy November. It was amazing but im disappointed for not making it to the end. Sad to say he doesn’t want to do anal only anymore. What can I do to change his mind??

What are his reasons for not wanting to continue with anal only? With a specific idea of his reasoning, there might be different approaches you can take, but in a general sense, you can back away from it a little bit for a while but still maintain a strong anal focus and positivity, wear plugs, play with your ass, tell him how hot it makes you and how sexy you feel when he fucks your ass, etc., and see if he wants to try anal only again in the future. Some people dive straight into it and it sticks, others ease into it very gradually over time, and others yet cycle back and forth for a while before settling one way or the other.

Message: Do You Hate Women?

Anonymous: Why do you keep pushing no clit so much? Do you hate women? Do you want them to not enjoy sex?

This sounds like a disingenuous and deliberately argumentative question.

Some people need clit stimulation to enjoy anal or to be anal only, or they just want it. That’s fine. You can be anal only with clit stimulation.

Other people like anal without clit stimulation and/or can orgasm purely from anal and so value that, or even dislike clit stimulation.

A lot of women, but not all, have some negative side effects from clit orgasms, like a significant loss of arousal or a depressed feeling post-orgasm, which for most doesn’t happen from anal orgasms. So it can have some of the same benefits as edging for arousal and a sort of constant, steady pleasure, but without denying orgasms and pleasure. As such, it can be really enjoyable and beneficial to explore and experiment with total clitoral denial alongside anal only. Maybe it’s not for you. But at least try it for a while and see if it is.

Message: Why Anal Only? Why Not Both?

Anonymous: Why anal only? Why not both? Three holes is better than two.

Three is better than two if the two are oral + vaginal. But two is better than three if the two are oral + anal. Replacing vaginal with anal is an improvement and an upgrade in every way, and it really is better than just adding anal into the mix, even though that is also an improvement over only doing vaginal. Anything with anal is better, but anal without vaginal is even better yet, and it’s kind of hard to explain why until you’ve tried it for yourself for a while and experienced it. A lot of people think they wouldn’t want to go anal only because it’s limiting and they would miss having vaginal, but it’s really not, and they don’t. That’s a very common discovery after trying a month of anal only—people rarely miss vaginal. Anal not only effectively replaces it, it’s better sex.

Message: It’s A Relief To See Other Women Talk About How Much They Love Anal

Hey, I have visited your blog numerous time & it’s such a relief to see some people, mainly women talk about how much they love anal. I’m a girl that loves anal & does anal only, just because I love it. I find vaginal sex boring every time I watch porn or read fanfics that contains vaginal sex, so I watch anal-related porn & read anal-related (pleasurable) fanfics, probably cuz I have different perference when it comes to sex. Anal sex is my favorite b/c it feels so fucking good, plus it helps me have anal as stress reliever (even though I never have sex before). Thank you for this blog! I appreciate it

Anal only is indeed quite popular with women, and while there are certainly a lot of men out there who have a strong desire for an anal only relationship, I almost think that the women who love being anal only might have an even stronger connection and commitment to it. I think it’s great that there are so many out there like yourself who feel so strongly about it. Speaking personally for myself as a man, the anal only lifestyle isn’t about dominance/submission or any sort of control over a partner for me, it’s about mutual respect and love for anal and a desire to share a commitment together to only do anal.

Thanks for the comment.

Message: I Don’t Think We’ll Stay Anal Only

Anonymous: Sadly I don’t think we will stay anal only this month has been awesome, finding out I love anal more than anything else, the amazing orgasms, Ahh oh well; I’m going to keep following to hopefully be able to keep up the dream 🙁 I will continue my solo play and get it when I can. Hubs just loves the vagina too much. Thank you all for your lovely posts.

I’m sorry to hear that he doesn’t want it as much as you do, but don’t give up hope for it just yet. Not everyone gets there immediately, but it can still be possible to gradually move towards anal only over time. Try to come up with a compromise with him where you incorporate anal into your routine together even still doing vaginal. You can be completely anal only with your solo play, and get as much anal with him as you can. Some end up “anal always” where they still do vaginal but always (or usually) at least end sex with anal. Others go back to vaginal but then do anal on a regular interval as well, or intermittently go back to a period of anal only, whether for a week at a time, or another month a few times a year. Over time, who knows? He might come around.

Good luck!

Message: Anal Is My Favorite Thing

Anonymous: Anal is my favorite thing, it feels amazing every time. My boyfriend hasnt fucked my pussy in almost 2 months and i could care less if he ever does again. His friend and his girlfriend wanna try it out too, so they asked us for pointers, and i hope she likes being an anal slut as much as i do.

It really is the best thing ever. You should tell him that you want to commit to being anal only with him and make it official if you haven’t already. (It is No Pussy November, after all! The perfect time for an anal only commitment.)

It’s a really positive thing for anal-loving women and anal only women to help their friends do anal and go anal only themselves, because that direct connection and trust can really help people open up to the idea of doing anal and have a good experience, countering the myths and bad experiences that are still somewhat pervasive in the world. Do your best, make sure they’re both well-informed and ready for anal together, and I’m sure she’ll have an awesome first experience and want to keep doing anal more and more after.

Message: Being Anal Only Makes Me Happy

Anonymous: Being anal only makes me happy and feel so sexy and slutty, I just love it!! I don’t need any other reason other than that to do it, using my pussy makes me feel less sexy and happy, so I don’t do it.

You’re right, you don’t need any reason other than that. If you want to be anal only and it makes you happy or satisfies you in some way, then you should do it, or if vaginal makes you unhappy or is unsatisfying, then you shouldn’t do it. It really is as simple as that.