Daddy’s Cuckquean Cum Receptacle

thecuckqueanchronicles: My Daddy returns home today, and I awoke this morning with a deep ache… literally an empty, longing feeling… needing my ass filled with Daddy’s cock. I am such a butt slut for Daddy, and He always says that’s one of the many reasons He loves me so! ?

I can’t recall the last time Daddy used my pussy, and just that thought alone actually makes my pussy throb. But it does not throb to be filled. No, that’s reserved for my asshole and my mouth only. What I mean is that knowing Daddy only wants to use my other two holes, leaving my pussy untouched… well, it’s just super fucking hot. That’s the only way I can describe it. I prefer that my pussy be denied and that I am a filthy little insatiable butt slut for my Daddy. And, of course, my mouth is His other fuckhole. ?

I do remember that the last time that Daddy shoved His cock in my pussy, however long ago that was – just for a few strokes, before destroying my asshole – I felt a delicious, searing pain. It was so tight, and Daddy fucked it so deep and rough. Since it doesn’t get used much, yet I still practice my Kegels, it stays nice and tight like that. I remember Daddy grunting and groaning that I have such a tight, wet, slutty pussy. That made me feel very proud! ?

But, as He told me then, what Daddy truly craves is that ass! And so He fucked it, deep and hard and rough, just like we both like it. Daddy has trained my asshole to take His cock very well, but there’s still always that initial pain when He forces His hard cock inside me because, no matter how often He fucks it, my asshole stays tight, too. That pain really gets me off, though! I just love it! And Daddy says He loves the noises and whimpers and cries I make when I’m in pain like that. I simply love to suffer for my Daddy and please Him by being a big girl and just taking it! ?

So, yes… my asshole needs Daddy’s cock in it something terrible. And I will thank Daddy profusely when He gets home and decides to make use of His property. I ALWAYS thank Daddy when He uses my asshole. That’s usually how it starts and ends with us. He forces His cock in balls-deep with the first stroke and I ball up my fists and whimper and cry out, “Thank You, Daddy! Thank You for using me!” And when Daddy then pushes my face into the bed, holding me there while He violates my little hole, there’s still a muffled “Thank You, Daddy!” screamed into the matress.

And then, when He’s finally painting my insides with His thick, hot ropes of cum, my legs shake and twitch, and I buck on His cock, and I cry out again, “Thank You for dumping Your load inside me, Daddy!” And I mean every single word of it. Being used by Him fills me with an inner peace. It re-centers me. It reminds me who I am, of Who owns me.

Early on, when I would thank Daddy for using my hole, He’d reply back, “No, thank YOU, slut.” Because Daddy is still a loving, caring, concerned Daddy, no matter how rough He may get with me. I did not want to disappoint Daddy, so I let it go at that for a long time. But it just never quite set well with me in my submissive heart. Finally, one day after He buttfucked me, we had that exchange again, and I spoke up. “I don’t like that, Daddy. I should be the one thanking You only… for finding me worthy, for using my holes, for anointing me with Your cum. It feels funny to me when You say that.” I was so worried I’d make Daddy feel bad by speaking my mind. He thought for a moment and then said He understood.“ Thank you for being such an obedient little cum receptacle for Daddy and draining His balls so well, my little butt slut. Now, does that sound better for you, slut?”

I just about melted into the bed! Sploosh! ?

“Yes, Daddy! I love that! Thank You, Daddy!”

And so, that’s how it’s been ever since with us. I do not want to be thanked for “letting” Daddy fuck my holes. Daddy owns all of my holes and has access to them whenever He needs them. I should always be the one thanking Him for choosing to use them. He could always choose to just jerk off or use His Fleshlight or whatever the case may be… but if He chooses me, that’s an honor I don’t take lightly. It’s a privilege for Daddy to make me useful to Him. And being blessed with a nice, big load of His cum?? That’s the ultimate reward. It makes me feel like I’ve served my Daddy well and pleased Him. ?

There are currently no others/thirds/cuckcakes/girlfriends/sluts/whatevers in our lives, and there’s so much going on in our vanilla lives that it’s not a priority at the moment. So, until there are other butt sluts in His life to help shoulder some of the load (so to speak, ha!), it’s doubly important that I honor my duty as His submissive in keeping my Daddy drained and satiated and relaxed.

I cherish my role as Daddy’s Cuckquean Cum Receptacle! Just that title alone gives me shivers. I don’t want to cum. I don’t need to cum. I only want Daddy to cum. Daddy needs to cum. His orgasm is the priority here, and it is quite enough for me. It satiates me. It pleases me. I simply can’t wait for Daddy to destroy my ass, to leave me a gaped, used-up, sloppy, cummed-in mess… just like any proper cuckquean cum receptacle should be! ?

Have a beautiful weekend, you kinksters you!!

~xoxoxo ?

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