Message: Anal Only Is The First Explanation Of Sex That Makes Sense

Anonymous: Honestly, this is the first explanation of sex I’ve heard that makes sense. The vagina for fun and pleasure and also babies just never made sense to me, vagina for babies and ass for fun and pleasure makes perfect sense and is obviously how it’s supposed to be. I’ve never let a guy fuck my pussy because it didn’t seem right and now I know why and I don’t want to start. So you can count me in as another anal only girl! Now that I know that name, it’s a perfect fit for me.

I’m glad you found the blog and realized how right it felt for you, then! A lot of people, in my experience, share similar feelings but don’t know how exactly to express them, or think that they’re unusual by having such feelings and don’t know how many other people there are out there with the same feelings. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting anything to do with your pussy and only enjoying anal. Welcome to the “club”!

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