Message: Edging, Denial and Anal Give Me Better Orgasms

Anonymous: I recently started adding anal into my masturbation play as a means of having stronger orgasms. While I don’t know if I could ever go anal only, I’ve discovered that the right combination of edging and denial combined with generous anal play gives me just what I need for a harder, stronger, longer clitoral orgasm overall! Thanks to this blog for all the ideas and support!

Congratulations on discovering that anal is the ultimate orgasm multiplier! It’s a big part of what draws so many people to anal.

And just for what it’s worth, clitoral stimulation doesn’t mean you can’t be anal only, if that’s part of what might hold you back from considering it. Plenty of anal only women include clitoral stimulation in the mix, they just replace vaginal penetration with anal and in many cases only masturbate when also including anal penetration.

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