Message: Anal Only Seemed Unrealistic & Silly—Until I Tried It

After seeing your blog and others like it I became intrigued- I couldn’t imagine anal only- it just seemed unrealistic & silly- how could an ass give someone more pleasure than a pussy?

But after scrolling through your blog- & others like it I’ve become really interested in anal only !! Now when I see vaginal penetration I actually feel a bit off put & disgusted… I’ve only done anal a handful of times (with me myself & I). I’ve held off doing it again because I’m been scared of making a mess. but tonight I was frustrated.

I had my vibrator on my clit for over 20 minutes. I was sweaty & tired but I still really wanted to cum; I figured I’d give anal a try. (I’m lucky enough to be able to put a five inch toy inside me with less than a minute of preparation, so the transition was quick and painless.) I felt a bit awkward at first. It didnt feel like anything to me and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with it.

Reluctantly, I put my vibe back onto my clit and around a minute later I began thrusting the toy in and out of me ass. It was heavenly! It was amazing- for some reason it was- good! It was really good and at one point I actually dropped my vibe in order to focus on fucking my ass. I was shaky and my eyes were rolling back in my head, it was perfect.

I can’t cum without clitoral stimulation (yet) so I grabbed my vibe and put it back onto my clit. The vibrations combined with the toy in my ass had me cumming in around 2 minutes. 2 MINUTES !!!! 2 minutes compared to over 20… I’m all done and cleaned up but now all I can think about is getting a toy up my ass again.

It sounds like you’re very quickly discovering just how much better anal is. Everyone is different, but in general women can orgasm much more easily and more powerfully with the replacement of vaginal with anal penetration. Whether you need clitoral stimulation or not, orgasms are just better from anal.

I’d suggest, if going anal only is something that continues to interest you, starting out by only masturbating/rubbing your clit when you also have something in your ass, whether a finger, dildo or plug. Make the clit stimulation secondary to the primary act of anal penetration, even if you still need it to orgasm for now.

Just have lots of fun with it and experiment and explore what feels best. Make it a frequent, regular thing, and it will keep getting easier and increasingly natural for you. Over time, if you’d like to explore anal only orgasms, try gradually reducing how much you use your clit and start using it only at the end to get over the edge—for now, though, I would just keep doing like you’re doing and solidly build that relationship between anal penetration and pleasure.


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