Orgasm Denial Day 1

abundanciadeporno: I woke up horny this morning. I haven’t got a Dom or anyone to really help take care of this problem, so I started to masturbate a bit in the shower when it occurred to me… this isn’t a problem. If I deny myself and stay horny, I can do orgasm denial on my own. I could use an orgasm as a prize for myself for something far off in the future, like getting a scientific paper published or… passing my dissertation proposal. I can use my horny sexual energy and channel it into other things. Positive reinforcement, right? I can make it… let’s say 30 days to start. I’ll work my way up to 100.

So instead of finishing myself off in the shower, I put my buttplug in instead. It’s about 4 inches long, not very wide, but shaped for all-day wear. And I’ve done all-day wear on this one before, so no big deal right? It’s been a while, but… what the hell. Let’s give it a shot. It’ll keep me soaking wet all day.

So I get to work. I’m a graduate student, and it’s summer, so the lab is a little bit deserted right now. I’m the only one in all day, and I’m working from a personal computer that’s not hooked up to the university wifi… so of course the first thing I do is pull up tumblr. And I’m looking at all the anal-only porn I follow, all the orgasm denial porn, all the bondage and kinky shit… and I can feel my panties soaking through already. It’s 9am.

Around 11am, I’ve taken a break from looking at porn to writing it instead. I’ve got a little smut I’m writing for myself, and it’s making me ridiculously horny. I decide something needs to be done. I text my fuckbuddy who works on campus too. He’s cute and pretty well hung but doesn’t really do D/s so not a candidate for long-term companionship.

“Hey, do you want to come down to my lab and fuck my ass? Don’t let me cum, no matter how much I beg”

“Uh, fuck yeah. Be right there.”

Five minutes later, I’m on my knees taking his cock down my throat in my office. I love sucking cock- I could do it for hours, but that’s not what he’s here for. When I decide I’m done sucking him off, I give him a good coat of lube then bend over my desk. He shoves his thick cock in my ass and wraps his hand around my throat. I’m immediately fighting not to cum, riding the edge with all I’ve got, letting him pound my ass as hard as he can. After about 20 minutes, his hand tightens around my throat when he cums. I almost lose it. I can feel his cock throbbing in my ass, filling me up with his load, and then he pulls out. I pop the buttplug back in and show him to the bathroom so he can clean off, and then he’s gone.

I spend the rest of the afternoon dripping cum from my ass and feeling my pussy just getting wetter and wetter.

When I finally get home, a friend has stopped by to say hi and let themselves into my house. I’m dying to masturbate, but I know this is for the best. I’d just let myself cum, and I don’t want that. I haven’t decided what my punishment will be if I let myself cum before 30 days, but I know it won’t be good.

Finally, at midnight, my friend has left, and I’ve got the house to myself. The moment the door shuts behind them, I’m running to my bedroom to masturbate. I pull out clothes pins, my favorite 9in dildo, some oral anesthetic cream, my magic wand, and lube. Clothes pins firmly on my nipples (and pinching nicely against my piercings), I start to run the oral anesthetic cream on my clit. I’ve never really used it for this before, so I use just a little bit and rub it in really well. Within seconds, I can’t feel my finger on my clit anymore. I give it a good flick, and nothing. A hard smack? Still nothing. AWESOME.

I lay on my back and plunge the lubed-up dildo into my ass. It’s SO much bigger than the plug, but it feels like heaven as it stretches me out. I start working away, fucking myself HARD when I decide it’s time to up the ante. I switch the magic wand on and press it against my numb clit. I can feel it vibrate around my clit and on my labia, but it’s like someone is holding a pillow up against it. I crank it up to full blast (this can normally make me cum in SECONDS) and still feel nothing. Laughing, I keep fucking my ass with the dildo and pressing the wand up against me. I know if I hadn’t numbed my clit I’d be cumming like a freight train right now. I can feel the edge building up, but it just can’t go any farther. I fuck harder, I rub the magic wand against my clit in the way I know would normally set me over the edge… and I back off.

I breathe for a few minutes, let my heart rate get back to normal… then another coat of lube on the dildo and I’m back in the saddle. I edge again, and again, each time more painfully aware of how close the orgasm feels and how impossible it is to reach it.

As I’m catching my breath from my last edge, my phone buzzes. It’s 12:30, but there’s a text from my fuckbuddy. He’s near my apartment complex and wants to know if I want another round?

Fuck yes I do. I’m exhausted and sore but my pussy is still dripping wet. I rinse off real quick and reapply the oral anesthetic. Right as I’m laying back down in bed to wait for him, he walks into my bedroom. Immediately I’m ass-up and face-down, enticing him into my bed. Like a flash, his pants are off, he’s lubed up, and his hard dick is plunging into me again. His hands are all over me, squeezing my nipples hard and pulling on the piercings there. Then one is on my throat again while one rubs my clit. Feeling another edge and knowing I can’t cum, I gasp out that I used numbing cream. He pinches my clit hard. When I feel nothing, he flips me over from doggy into a sort of modified missionary, slapping my clit hard while he fucks my ass. He pulls on the piercing, flicks it, but I don’t feel anything. Usually any of these things would make me cum immediately, but right now they’re just making the edge hold longer and longer while he fucks my ass even harder. He plunges his fingers into my sopping wet pussy and then puts them in my mouth, telling me to suck it off. As I wrap my lips around his fingers and taste my desperation on them, he groans and fills my ass with his hot cum for the second time today.

He pulls out and I feel his cum dripping out of me. Roughly flipping me over onto my belly and lifting my ass, he grabs the plug from the nightstand, lubes it up, and sticks it back in my ass for me.

“Whatever you’re doing with this anal and anesthetic cream, it’s making you an insatiable sex-fiend… Let me know if you want to go again tomorrow.”

Writing this, I can feel my wet swollen pussy throb with need even as my clit is on fire from the abuse it took… My ass feels so well-used and sore, but I know it’ll be taking a beating again tomorrow one way or another.

Here’s to Day 1 of my personal Orgasm Denial Challenge.

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