Message: Being Open About Anal Only Is Everything

Anonymous: Hi I’m a virgin but I finger my own asshole in the shower since I was younger. It’s the only way I can feel any pleasure and I got so addicted to it I never want to have my pussy fucked. Like ever. This has become a huge kink for me. I’m an avid reader and because of your advice I now only watch anal porn and as soon I make out with a guy I tell him I’m anal only. Some of them don’t call me, but most of them love it. I think we are winning our space in the world and being open about it is everything

Thanks for sharing, it’s always good to hear from more anal only enthusiasts, especially from more vaginal virgins who strongly advocate for permanently avoiding vaginal sex. It’s something I’d definitely like to see more of!

I definitely agree with being open and up front about being anal only. The more people do this, the more normalized and accepted it will become, and the more other people will be encouraged to try it for themselves and discover how right it is for them.

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