Message: Is She Open to Doing Ass To Mouth?

amaizegmanI have this FWB who asked me some time ago to only take her in the ass, which I am gladly doing. During our last session she took my hand and languidly sucked on the finger I had used to warm her up before. That made me wonder whether she is open to doing ass-to-mouth. I am kind of apprehensive about directly asking her. Do you have any experience on how to create the opportunity for her to do it without appearing pushy? I would like to leave the choice to her, for personal and erotic reasons.

Sounds like she would be, as that seems to have been a rather deliberate act on her part to suck the finger you were using to warm up her ass. I’d suggest just presenting more opportunities for her to choose to do so going forward. Make your fingers available to her in the same manner, and have your cock near her face at times in between having anal sex so she can suck on it if she chooses to do so. And if she does, then you can just start naturally making that a regular thing.

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